Friday, September 17, 2010

Yo Ho!

That title is for Arnie. We went to an excellent talk by Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party in Canada, and she used it at one pont in lieu of "ah-ha!" or "holy moly"! (Do people actually say those things? I do) It's also the title because I AM A PIRATE TODAY!

 Clearly, the face I'm making is my pirate stare of DOOM! Haha. Isn't this outfit so much fun? It's another that's been in the works for a while. I originally planned to wear it with bue skinny jeans tucked into the boots, but then I thought that would be too boring.
I based to outfit around the vest. The ruffled lace at the neckline kind of reminded me of something a pirate would wear! I got it at Value Village, and the same day I got this crazy huge-buckle belt! Perfect to wear with the pirate boots I got at a random department store in Quebec two years ago.
 Since the pattern on the t-shirt has beige in it, it was an obvious choice to pair with the blouse. That was also how I choose the cameo necklace, and I got REALLY excited when I decided to wear the rosary my sister brought me from Vatican City.
 For the bootom, last night I had a fashion "revelation" when I was putting the outfit on a hanger for the next morning. Not JEANS, but my black skirt!!! With my black flower-pattern stockings! I squealed and did an outfit dance, Billy can vouch.
 Hmm, I look kind of mad in some of these pictures. Sultriness? Definitely channeling the "surly pirate" vibe...
I love these boots SO MUCH. I've only worn them once before, as part of an actual pirate costume. Recently I noticed them in the boot closet and wondered why I'd never given them a chance in everyday outfits! Today was the day. They're fully lined winter boots, actually. And they lace up the back and have huge pirate cuffs... LOVE!
Oh yeah! You may notice that I have my hair UP today, even though clearly it's too short for updos... right? WRONG!! Last night in a fit of "I-miss-my-long-hair-I-want-a-bun" moping, I threw it up into three little buns. Eureka!
 Love it. SO many more options now!! You can also sort of tell form this picture that I'm wearing two different earrings! Both are from much-loved pairs. One of the square hammered-metal giraffe ones was lost on my friend Matty's epic 21st birthday celebration, and the other round one was snapped in two when I stepped on it one time. Both earring and owner were hurted!! But anyway, now the two are a pair, and I wear them from time-to-time... especially for pirate outfits!
 Now I'm off. A bunch of people are visiting from Halifax! How exciting that they came all this way (about a 2-hour drive) to visit :D And Matty's coming tomorrow! What a social weekend this will be.

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

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