Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dress me up in denim!

I'm having a much better day than yesterday! I love when the tides of stress ebb. Even though I have a lot to do tonight. But I'm not thinking about that right now!
 I had a meeting today about becoming a tutor, so I chose this outfit. It's a little bit fun and relatable, while still being demure and "take-me-seriously"-ish (I couldn't think of the correct word for that; hooray for hypens and ish-es!). 
 I based this outfit around my lovely denim dress. I think it's so great!! Pockets, bow in the back, corset-cut top... lovely. The only problem is it eats the necklines of most shirts, creating a pretty crappy effect! So. I chose this grey top with a square neckline. Bonus: the plaid pattern has a bright blue that's similar to the denim!
 To accentuate the brown stitching on the dress, I decided everything else in the outfit would be brown. Aren;t brown and blue an excellent colour combination?! I love it!
I wore my brown patterned stockings and leopard-print scarf and kitten heels.
This outfit is SO MUCH FUN. Often, when I put a lot of thought into an outfit, I feel like people notice. Today they actually vocalize! One woman stopped me in the hallway at school and told me she liked my dress. It absolutely makes my day when that happens!
 I think I also nailed the "approachable and fun" vibe too, because normally strangers don't talk to me, but two other people came up to me and asked me questions today. Totally random ones, like "do you know if the bookstore sells umbrellas?" and "where's Centennial Hall?" No big deal really, but I love it when I seem friendly enough for other people to ask me questions! Haha.

Another exciting happening today: Billy and I matched! Sometimes out outfits coordinate, usually completely by accident. He wore a plaid shirt too:
Isn't he handsome?! Haha. He's wearing the "cross" shoes that he bought yesterday. he looks so European! It's so much fun to have a partner that cares about fashion as much as you!

Tonight I'm going to talk by Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party, about religion, environmentalism, and politics. It should be very interesting! I also have to write a weekly response thingy tonight. And read lots of things. Bahh. AND it's the season finale of Big Brother!! I'll have to tape that one, methinks.

I guess I should get started on those readings and weekly writings!
 Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I think the word you might have been looking for is "sophisticated". You do look like you know what you're talking about in this outfit. It's one of my favorites. I agree with the woman who said she liked your dress. I do, too! :)
    You look very put together and "matchy". I have found that people automatically gravitate towards others that are dressed this way (matching & sophisticated).

    I also agree with you, I love it when strangers like what I'm wearing enough to come up to me and tell me so!
    (I deleted my previous comment because I had the wrong word, too!)

  3. Oh man, those shows Ben has on are fucking fab.
    I also love the ones you have on, they remind me a bit of the D&G staple leopard shoes.


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