Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Through Rose-Coloured Glasses

Done classes for the day!! Now that I've made a bit of a plan for how to tackle all the work I have to do, I feel a bit less stressed :D
 I felt so pretty and girly in this outfit. It's another that I've been planning! All the school stress has disabled the outfit-making part of my brain, so I'm glad I had a few put together to just throw on.
 This is actually the outfit I wore on Monday. Mondays require awesome outfits!! Because they are tough in general. I had a meeting at the bank on Monday this week, and so I wanted an outfit I felt completely comfortable in! I love dressing in romantic clothes, so this was an obvious pick.
I think, when I was planning this outfit, that I based it around the shirt. It's one of the many new fall pieces that I've been playing with, and since it's kind of sheer, it needed a vest. Arnie gave me this corset-vest thing, and when I tried it on over the shirt I knew that this skirt would be the perfect addition!
 Keeping with the black theme, I chose my pocket purse and quilted ballet flats. And sheer black stockings, of course! I feel weird having bare legs in the fall, and stockings are so girly and fun!!
 I just noticed, looking through these photos, that I'm making some truly hilarious faces in some of them! When it's sunny the sun shines directly at the spot where I take pictures. I love the front porch of our house for a backdrop though! Haha I'm still laughing at this squinty monkey face:
And this one's just awkward, hahaha. I look mad:
 Anyway! Off to make supper. I might update again tonight just to get caught up, depending how much reading etc I get done!

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

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