Monday, September 27, 2010

Under the Sea!

Yayyy this outfit made me feel like a mermaid!
 I'm finally feeling well again after a weekend of illness. Yesss. What better way to kick off the week than with a colourful outfit!
 I wanted this wonderful skirt to be the main focal point of this outfit, so I kept everything else simple with flat black: v-neck raglan sweater, thigh-high socks, and suede booties.

 The weather network told me it would be cold today (lies), so I also wore my blue peacoat and floaty turquoise scarf! Both colours totally pick up the pattern in the skirt.
 My lipstain is the same colour as the darkest pink in the skirt too!
 Since it's Monday, I should be back at the top of the stress hill... but surprisingly, I'm not! Maybe my sick-hermit-ing this weekend was therapeutic somehow :D I do have stuff I should be doing instead of blogging, buuut it can wait a little while :P
 It's not really evident in any of these pictures, but the skirt had a "spout"! You know the "v" on the front of princess dresses' bodices?! Eeee it's been my mission since I was as little to have as many "spouts" in my wardrobe as possible ;)

 This is such an "atlantic mermaid" outfit!! The scarf floats like seaweed, the coat is sailor-like, and the print on the skirt HAS FISHES. Yes it does!! That's what sold me on the skirt in the first place (besides the spout and the pockets!):
 To keep with the ocean theme, I wore pearl accessories too:
 Fun outfits like this one always make Mondays better. Now I have to do a writeup and read a bunch of stuff... my readings are shorter than usual though, so hurrah!!
 I'm very excited about the outfit I have planned for tomorrow.

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

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