Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labour Day!

Ahh, Labour Day. I've been waiting for this all summer! The weather is finally beginning to cooperate (sorry if I sound like a broken record), I have almost everything I needed for my fall wardrobe (save for 2 pairs of coloured stockings, red and purple), and my room is well on its way to being organized! That's today's project. 

It's almost time to transition my pretty summer dresses into cooler weather! It doesn't feel right to me to pack them away for the winter, so I just use them as romantic layering pieces. This is why fall id my absolute favourite... you can wear every single piece of clothing in your wardrobe! Yaaaay! My sister also hand-me-up'd a long navy wool military-style coat, so my legs will be warm no matter how floaty my dresses and skirts!

This strapless navy polka-dot dress is one of my favourite Frenchy's finds of the summer. I can't wait to wear it with t-shirts underneath and cardigans on top! Ahhh my mind was just flooded with cold-weather possibilities for this one. Yesss. 
Pairing this dress with red accessories was a no-brainer. I piled them on! Red polka-dot shoes, my red "licorice" purse, a red belt... it started to feel quite 80's, so I added gold chains and a gold-and pearl necklace.

Licorice purse!

I bought this next dress a few years ago for my cousin's wedding. This summer I started wearing it as a regular sundress. It's perfect! It's made of some sort of soft patterned mesh layered over cotton jersey, so it's really comfortable and romantic. I think it'll look great layered over a black or grey turtleneck in the cooler months!

The pattern in the dress has dark brown in it, so I wore it with a grommet belt and my newest cowboy boots. Aren't they AWESOME?! I got them during Sappyfest, a music festival that was held in my town this summer (and the past four summers, I believe). There was a sidewalk store called Vautour Vintage (or something like that) and they sold me these for - sit down - TWENTY DOLLARS. Whaaaaat?! I didn't even have to barter! I also learned a tip for getting boots on. When I forst tried these on (they are supposedly a size 9) I was sitting down, and couldn't get them on to save my life. So I left the boots and went to work. When I got off work the boots were still there. I said to myself, "this is happening!" grabbed the boots, and yanked them on -- from a standing position. They fit! I paid for them and wore them home. Yay! I love the cutout- antler detail. I've never seen anything like them! And they're the first cowboy boots I've encountered that actually have arch support.

Antler boots!
 Okay. Time to tackle the final steps in my room-organizing project! Just bits scattered on the floor and laundry to do now. Phew! Almost there!

I hope everyone starting school again tomorrow has a great day! ...And everyone else too, haha ;) If you want to send me pictures of your back-to-school outfits, that would be awesome!

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

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  1. You are an awesome "dresser," niece Mitzi. Thanks for the inspirations!


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