Thursday, September 16, 2010


Tomorrow's Friday! Tomorrow's payday! Only one class tomorrow! Yay! Billy cleaned our room! Yay yay YAY!

 Another source of glee: I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS OUTFIT. It's the funnest outfit I've worn all month! And I've worn some pretty fun ones.
 So, sometimes I plan outfits for a while before I actually wear them. It takes time to figure out just what will actually go together, etc etc. I've been working on this one for a few weeks now, taking different things and hanging them on the same hanger. It started with the skirt, and then I got these navy blue herringbone-pattern tights!
 The toughest thing to decide for this was the shirt. Two nights ago I was flipping through my hangers, because it was really bugging me that I couldn't find a shirt to go!! I had already scoured my drawers, and nothing. Then I came across this grey Gap pearlized-snap-button shirt... perfect!
 The bare bones of the outfit set, it was time to accessorize! I've been wanting to wear this double-buckle belt and it's an awkward width, but fits perfectly where this skirt sits on my waist. Since the buckles are sort of Western-looking, I decided to wear my little cowboy bolo tie! IT'S SO CUTE! Yet another piece I hadn't worn yet. He was a lucky Value Village find!
The boots were my last decision. I almost didn't wear them, worrying I was taking the "Western" theme too far. But then I realized... what's too far? No such thing! What a boring thing to think. So I went for it, and I felt awesome all day!
 Today was another fun day of saying hi to strangers and compliments and such. I'm on a roll! Love love love friendliness. I also had a dentist's appointment today, and the hygenist and dentist had a big conversation about my cowboy boots while they poked me with their little hooky thing and lectured me about flossing. My dentist also asked me if I left my cowbot hat in the waiting room; I told him that if I had one, I would have! A good time was had by all.
I'm pretending to have a cowboy hat... haha!
I know, I'm so corny. It's fun to be corny! You may notice that there are two types of pictures today. After Billy and I took the outdoor ones, I thought they looked too bright and nasty on my little camera screen, so we did some retakes inside. Turns out the "contrast" fixer on my computer makes bad pictures good again! Hooray! I included some of both sets to keep things interesting anyway.
 Another fun part of this outfit was that it was VERY windy today, so I got to do Marilyn Monroe skirt-holding-down all day! Potentially embarrassing for some, fun times for me! This skirt actually has an under-layer, so nobody would have gotten a show anyway. In case they had, this is why boyshorts were invented! Layered under stockings, it wouldn't have mattered anyway ;)
Action shot! Wheee! I hope everyone had a good day, and I'll write tomorrow! Maybe I'll trade my cowboy hat for a pirate one...

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

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