Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Here Comes the Sun

Today began as a nasty, rainy, blustery day, but as soon as Billy and I went to start taking pictures, the sun came out!
 The sun coming back was MUCH NEEDED. It's been a grey and dreary past little while! I try not to let it show in my outfits though :P Dressing for the weather is one things (i.e. jeans in the rain? Uncomfortable!! Shorts/skirts with tights will dry faster), but dressing to match the weather is another... It would be rare for me to wear grey on a grey day!
This outfit is actually based around the black polka-dot top! I had a different outfit planned, but it was NOT weather-appropriate. 
I didn't want to wear this top with a solid coloured bottom; that would be too obvious!! So I chose this mosaic-printed tennis skirt.
Opaque tights were a necessity! It was really windy ("blustery" is an understatement), and I could have worn a less-full skirt, but whatever. I needed a fun outfit!
I almost wore black-and-silver accessories, but then thought that to be too "expected" with a black-and-white outfit. I went with warmer brown and gold instead! I wore my brown leather grommeted belt and my gold locket, with my green dangly earrings... they're hard to see in the picture, but the heart cutout on them picks up the heart-shape of the locket, and the little star beads on the dangles (?) imitates the pattern in the skirt a bit.
I actually had a hard time deciding on footwear... I was going to wear my black buckle boots, but they have silver buckles and so would be discordant. Then I saw my zebra loafers! Perfect!! The zebra stripes on them are actually a dark brown, and the cute bow goes with the flirtiness of the skirt!
I have some hilarious bloopers from this photoshoot! Some are less funny than others. But anyway. Billy and I were in a really silly mood, partly because we had just watched a movie with lots of apes in it (CUTENESS!!) in our Anthropology class, and partly because the sun coming out is means for giddiness as well. Here they are:
Billy told me to do a crazy pose, so we tried to get a "jumping" one. Not happening.
Take 2 for "crazy pose!"
Demonstration of "The Eensy-Weensy Spider"...?
Peekaboo silly Billy!
Hahaha I love outtakes. They're my favourite part of DVDs, and my favourite part of photoshoots!

I'm off to try Zumba at the gym! Hopefully it doesn't kill me :/

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

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