Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back, back, back to school again!

It was a grey,  gloomy, and sometimes rainy first day of school. But I didn't let it dampen my spirits! I've been so excited for school to start again. I wore a brightly coloured outfit to chase away the clouds!

I wore my red/yellow/blue tartan kilt (I have a wool red, yellow, and green tartan one that will make an appearance when it's colder!) with my new cobalt blue stockings. That ripped once I got them on. Ohhh well, you can't see the runs under the kilt! I guess these two were made for each other ;D. It took me a while to decide between a black and white top. I think the white was a fine choice; the black would have been too dark for today! This is a happy day :D

For accessories, I wore a black studded belt and my quilted ballet flats. Even though the kilt pin and studs on the belt are silver, I decided to accent the yellow in the tartan on my kilt with a yellow gold multi-chain necklace and gold chain earrings with little pearls. I also wore a red wooden bead necklace, because I didn't feel the chain necklace was enough!
My leopard-print umbrella was perfect for this outfit too! It gave it a bit of a punky vibe, mixed with the plaid. Well, as punky as a below-the knee skirt with dainty flats and a puffed-sleeve top can be :P

Despite the rain, I had a lovely walk to class with Billy. And my classes are going to be AWESOME. I can't wait for them to get underway!! My first class of the day was Contemporary Ethical Issues in Western Religion, and I think it's going to be wild. First of all, it's with my faourite teacher evereverEver: Dr. Andrew Wilson! He's actually the reason I decided to come back to Mount Allison, based on a Religion and Pop Culture course I took with him in Grade 12. But I digress.  It's going to be a controversial class for sure, and there's a presentation (eek!) but I suppose it's good practice to speak in front of the class for TWENTY-FIVE FREAKING MINUTES. Anyway. There's no exam, so hurrah.
My second class was Storying Biblical Women, with my other favourite teacher: Prof. Shelley Colette! She is so hilarious, and she has AWESOME style. I can still remember an outfit she wore last term: a crazy primrose-coloured slip with a long cardigan belted over it with leggings and motorcycle-ish boots. SO COOL. I'm iffy on the exposed-lingerie style for myself (although I have ideas bouncing around for an upcoming outfit), but she totally rocked it! Ahh. Hers is my ideal (realistic, on-the-right-track-for-it) job.  

I hope everyone else had as wonderful a first day of school as I did! Or as wonderful a Tuesday September 7th, whichever.

Tomorrow: second-day outfit! I love the first week of classes because there is a whole new audience for outfit picks!

Happy dressing :D
Mitzi xo

Ack! P.S.! I also got my hair cut today, after the pictures were taken. It looks like poop. Hopefully once it's washed it will look normal again! We'll see tomorrow. I may wear a hat.


  1. that's wonderfully fabulous miriam...hope you're well :) xo

  2. Another treat! You are becoming a fashion icon!


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