Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jungle Fever

Quick post!
 This is the first time I wore this awesome leopard-print shirtdress! I'm so in love with it.
 I wanted the dress to be the main focal point of this outfit (an easy feat, since it's freakin' leopard print), so I kept the accessories neutral, choosing a brown belt and black stockings.
 I love the way the light is playing through the leaves in these pictures! It looks very jungle-y :P
 I just wore my black flats again, too. I considered boots, but I felt they would take away from the dress... or make me look like a hooker! Haha. I wore my black bead necklace with the fang/leaf/tassel charms to keep with the jungle theme!
 Oooh! Weird face haha. That's the only bad thing about sunny days! They result in lots of weird picture faces.

 I'm off to watch a movie with Arnie! We rented Babies, which is apparently the cutest documentary since March of the Penguins. We'll see! I'll probably do another post tonight too, since I don't have any schoolwork to do for tomorrow! Yay!

Happy dressing,
Mitzi xo

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  1. wow I love the background of your blog!! so gorgeous! Also this leopard dress is so lovely!!



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