Monday, September 13, 2010

Don't call my name, don't call my name ♪

My thesis proposal-proposal went swimmingly!!! I am SO EXCITED.
 This is the outfit I decided on for my meeting with Dr. Wilson! I wanted to look a little dressed up, but still comfortable and casual for having an easy conversation. And what a conversation!
So, I shared my two budding ideas: religion as celebrity trend with a focus on Scientology was the first, and something to do with religion's influence on fashion (or some arrangement of the two) as the second.
When I mentioned the fashion idea, he asked what angle I had thought to take with it. I said I wasn't sure, when I had searched for information all that came up was the recent burqa/ hijab controversy in France. That could be interesting for sure, but I was leaning more towards a Christianity-based thesis topic. Then Dr. Wilson says, "what about Lady Gaga? Are you familiar with her recent work?"
...I almost died with excitement!!!
I strongly believe that good outfits lead to good things, and today was no exception! This fun and sunny outfit did just that. I wore this ruffled denim Ralph Lauren blouse and my yellow linen JCrew skirt. I wish the "sailor" button paneling was more apparent in these pictures! It was really bright out today. I chose this rose-patterned scarf with gold thread woven into it. The blue of the tassels accented the shirt, the gold thread accented the skirt, and the pink of the roses picked up the burgundy socks! 

Since the colours of the outfit were so light, I decided to tone it down with some unexpected black riding boots! They gave me the exact effect I was looking for. I had been unsure of the outfit overall, thinking it might come off as a bit frumpy. The boots saved the day! did the skirt, actually. The truth is, this shirt is too small for me! It's a size petite small, neither of which I am ;) Tucking it into the skirt hid the puckering at the back, and rolling up the sleeves masked that they were too small! The knot in the scarf-tie (the scarf is actually a gigantic square) hides the gap where the shirt is too tight! Crafty.

I also wore these triangle-blue stone earrings! I rarely wear them, because they're real gold. Ben's dad and step-mom got them for me for Christmas last year. They're so pretty! It's also kind of hard to find outfits that they go with, and today's was perfect.
I'm so excited to be doing my thesis on something fashion-related! Lady Gaga's controversial fashion choices in the "Alejandro" video in particular will be a perfect springboard. Clearly that's where the title for today's post comes from too! I'll keep you all posted on progress. The actual proposal is due in December, and I'll be writing the thing next year! Phew. 
Time for class!I hope everyone is having a bearable Monday :)
Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo 


  1. Old Auntie Val here... Lady Gaga's found out what Madonna did back in 84. Throw a crucifix on, and look like you're praying, and everyone goes wild :) Christianity, and anti-Christianity, both market really well in the music world...

  2. Mixing goose-stepping nazi germanic dominatrix dance sequences with a couple prayer scenes = art

    But in all seriousness that rules and its a pretty rich topic to write on. Also your clothes rock, I love your blog.

  3. Thanks:D
    I was excited when he suggested Lady Gaga because I find Madonna has been overdone, at least in terms of undergrad theses. Mentioning Madonna in mine, especially now, will be unavoidable now! I'm really excited about this topic!


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