Sunday, September 12, 2010

Risky Business

Yesterday after work, Billy and I went searching for the perfect spot to take pictures. We found a truck near the entrance to the Waterfowl Park in our town. Perfect!

 I worked at Sears yesterday, and rule #1 for dressing to work there is: you're going to get dusty! Freight comes on Staurday and the first hour or so is spent moving things around and organizing parcels. On a recent Value Village shopping trip, I found this dress and IMMEDIATELY envisioned it as a perfect Sears-work dress!

 I think the truck we found for taking pictures by is SO COOL. I didn't notice until I was looking through the pictures that it says "Coca Cola" on the door! Neato.

 The title of this post actually has nothing to do with the Tom Cruise movie, haha. When Billy came to meet me at work, he had a new purchase in hand: Godstorm Risk! It should be fun. We were all set to play it last night, but then I was on facebook and learned some very sad news. A guy I went to high school with drowned in high tides off Cap Pele on Friday. The news hit me hard; he was such a vibrant, cheerful guy. I had an enormous crush on him in Grade 7! He had bright blue eyes and freckles. Such a cutie. A bit of a daredevil, obviously. So, this title has more than one meaning: be safe when swimming in big waves! R.I.P. Randy, you'll be missed ♥

 So it's my day off, and I working up to do all kinds of things that I need to do! I just got an agenda book, so I should fill that sucker up with all my important school due dates and such. I should tidy up our room, and take some pictures of my new organization system! I have a bunch of readings to print off for Tuesday, and I should probably try to make a dent in them. I also need to read the first chapter of the ol' Intro to Anthro book.
 In terms of more exciting things, I think my mama and I are going to the gym at some point. I haven't been in so long! I really miss it. I also want to watch the new episode of Project Runway! Tim Gunn is the best. And Heidi is so blunt and funny! Valerie is my favourite designer, I think, with Mondo a close second. I may also do that catchup-outfits post later on tonight! So much to reward myself with haha.
 These boots are fun. I love how the little tabs stick out! If you squint your eyes, they kind of look like the horns that the guys in KISS have on their boots. Billy begs to differ, but I still think it! Hahaha. 
I actually made this necklace myself! I'm very proud of it. I started to go for symmetry but then scrapped it and strung the beds on willy-nilly, for a much better effect!
My FINAL project for today (the most pressing!) is to figure out what to wear tomorrow. I have a few outfits in mind, but it needs to be perfect for the effect I'm going for. I'm going to talk to Dr. Wilson about my thesis ideas, and I want to look intellectual and professional, while also being fun and quirky (as usual). A tall order!! I also need to figure out how much information I should have. I'm basically proposing my proposal, so I don't THINK I need to have any more points or sources than the basic ideas bouncing around in my head... but I don't want to seem unprepared. Blahh. Stress.

 Well! On that note, I'm off to make a dent in my long lists of everythings. Hope everyone is having a great weekend! If you have any angles on outfit ideas or proposal-proposing, PLEASE comment!

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

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