Friday, February 11, 2011

K is for Khaki

Whaaaat, an obvious colour? I know, I know. But I got creative with the other elements of the outfit! And the khaki skirt I wore is just so lovely, I adore it :D

I wore said khaki tulip skirt with my white embellished t-shirt. Billy and I went to a Murder Mystery party hosted by the university's Classics department, so I wore something that I could just slip on my "Greek" dress over! If I didn't wear a shirt (and skirt) under it, then "k" would be for "knockers!!" (and knickers).

Speaking of knockers, the vintage belt that I wore with this outfit has little lion door-knockers all over it!

 Because there wasn't already enough going on with this outfit (yes, there was), I decided to wear my zebra tights too! I toned them down a bit with gray over-the-knee socks, but they're still there. Heh. The other day, Annebeth at The Styling Dutchman said "More is more in my book," and I wholeheartedly agree! For even more, I wore my blue suede geometric-heel booties!

 For outerwear, I wore my turquoise, gray, and KHAKI plaid scarf and KHAKI leather gloves! And also my navy faux-leather jacket :)

Finally, I wore my dark gray cashmere cardigan! I was dressing a bit on the lunacy side, as it was another freezing -19C day. But I was almost late for class so I had to run anyway (I actually did run, I bet it was quite a sight!), and I had few enough layers that, while I was out of breath, I didn't break a sweat! No way!

The reason I was almost late for class is because I was at my first SEWING LESSON! Yaaaay!! My teacher said I'm a natural too, which is convenient because I was kind of worried that I wouldn't like it. You see, I've been drawing "outfits" since I was little, and have always dreamed of being a fashion designer. When I graduated high school, I decided that was a pipe dream and pushed it aside, continuing to draw outfits though! Now I've decided it's not so far-fetched, so I'm getting the basic skills and hope to go to design school after I finish my B.A! So exciting, right?! I've been ordering vintage patterns to make when I get good enough. Today I learned to do a straight stitch, finish a seam with a zigzag stitch, and how to do a French seam. I also learned how to applique!


I got a personal message the other day asking how I get my hair to "do that." Well! Allow me to explain my process. First, I wash it (in the inter I skip the conditioner because I find it causes static). To get it to do what it's doing in these pictures, I wash it at night. Then, I put a towel on the clean, wet hair. Then I sit around and check facebook and chictopia. Then I take the towel off after rubbing my damp hair with it. Then I sleep on the damp hair. Then I wake up and brush it if I remember! Ta-da!

On morning-shower days, I may replace the sleeping-on-it with a couple of minutes of upside-down blowdrying, maybe with heat-protecting cream in it! I only dry the top layer because my hair is really thick, so it would take me about an hour to get it fully dry!
There you have it! I used to be a slave to my straightener, and occasionally I'll still use it, but I really like sleeping in so the no-effort method works best. Anything can look great (even bedhead) with a healthy dose of confidence!

Oh hey, wanna see the detail on my shirt?

I'm wearing the lipstick my mother-in-love gave me again! It's so great, and it doesn't dry out like other lipsticks do. It's nice and sheer so I can gauge how purple I want it to look as well! I saw purple lippy on Harriet of cityofbugs the other day, and it looked so great that I wanted to find the right shade! And I had it all along, who knew?

Hope everyone is having a great Friday! A big HELLO to my lovely new followers, four in one day is a new record! Thanks so much for stopping by :D:D 

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo


  1. LOVE your vintage belt - its stunning!
    Amazing outfit!

  2. This skirt is really great, especially with the embellished top and those tights!! I love my zebra tights too. I am impressed you looked this great when it was so cold, when it's really cold I tend to have a grimace on my face in every photo hahaha

  3. love your skirt and the chunky socks, plus i adore your hair - can't believe its natural!

    and say hello to another new follower :) x

  4. gorgeous. love it. all of it. well done.

  5. I'm from Northwestern Wisconsin. I'm glad to see somebody that gets as much snow as we do.

    The outfits are nice!

    Keep warm.


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