Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Huge Outfit Post!!

My classes were canceled this morning, so I'm using my extra time very productively to catch up on my blog :)
I have five outfits that I'm behind on. Technically six, but one is so good that I'll do it on its own :P I had figured before that I'd save them for "lazy" days, but really, I don't take "days off" from dressing in style! 

First! I love this outfit so much. I wore my "summer" leopard shirtdress. It's made of silk! To "winterize" (fall-ize?) it, I wore my black jersey drapey cardigan over it, with a belt to keep it in place. I wore my grey striped stockings to pick up on the faint grey tones in the leopard print, and also the grey of my cape!

I wore my gold pashmina because grey and yellow are an awesome colour combination! And also to add some punch to an otherwise neutral outfit :)

I wore my Jesus and St. Anthony key necklaces to keep the "grey" going in my jewelery as well!


This was a "Sunday" outfit, which didn't photograph as well as it looked in person!! Oh well. I wore my red kilt, forest green blazer, and blue button-down shirt :)

Don't you love the slight puff to the sleeves of the shirt?! I affectionately call this my "housewife" outfit, because I wore it to make soup! Apron and all. And I wore it with pearls :P

I liked how the pearls were similar in size and colour to the buttons on the shirt!

I wore my new zebra ballet flats with this outfit to add some interest :D


Darn, looking through these pictures I wish I hadn't gotten so far behind! Oh well. I love this little one, it's like an updated Parisian/Victorian schoolgirl! Haha. I wore my black velvet blazer, pale grey pleated skort (yaaay!), purple smock top, and grey fishnet-y stockings! And my beret, of course :P

I wore my skinny teal scarf in a bow to mimic the bows on the side of the skort!

I also wore black "ballet" heels!


These pictures were taken at night because it took me the whole day to warm up to this outfit! It's okay, haha. I wore my brown wide-leg pants, zebra shoes, zodiac scarf, red socks, white cardiagn, and blue puffed-sleeve t-shirt :)

I wore this to do a class presentation! The presentation went really well :) My favourite part of this outfit is the scarf. I'm really into horoscopes! My friend Alanna pointed this one out to me on a Frenchy's trip a while ago :D


I wore this outfit last Friday, for "Midnight Madness!" Basically, stores in my small town's downtown stay open 'til 12 a.m. with super deals, in preparation for Christmas. I wanted to do a subtle red-and-green thing, so I wore my pale green bulbous beret and poppy-printed skirt!

To emphasize the hat and skirt, I kept everything else neutral: grey coat, cream scarf, black v-neck sweater. I didn't want to go too neutral though, so I wore my pirate belt and pirate boots too! I also wore my green and gold cameo:

And that's all folks! I'll post again later, I'm sure. I'm starting my first big essay after work this evening, and I'm sure procrastination will be in order...

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo


  1. They're all great!!! The third one (I think) is my favorite (grey skirt, berret). Love the shape of that outfit!! Love all the detailing of the accessories, scarfs and prints! :) (I'm behind on taking my pictures, because it's sooo dark out when I get home, it's so frustrating...)


  2. i love the "persian/victorian schoolgirl" outfit, very classy. also i love the outfit without the jacket for the last.
    just some helpful suggestions for a few of the others:
    -wear a cami under the blue knit shirt
    -find a new blue button down
    -wear sold colored tights on the first one instead to make a more put together look
    -i think you'd love the plaid skirt more if you hemmed it to right above the knee
    other than that, you've combined some great pieces to make lovely outfits


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