Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I Remember Sunshine!

It's been raining for so long!! It seems appropriate to post these pictures, taken on a sunny day!

These pictures were taken on a cold day, too. The weather has been so weird lately -- warm and excessively rainy! It reminds me of a short story I read when I was younger, about a society forced to live inside because of endless rain.

I just love the bright colours in this outfit! The sunny yellow and the rich turquoise and red... definitely one of my better colour combinations. I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but this is another favourite of late! I may stop saying that, every outfit I wear is my favourite. I love my clothes. Haha!

I was recently wishing that I had a camel coat. The very next day I went to work... and this amazing hooded camel duffel coat came in! It's PERFECT. 

This outfit has been in the works for a long time! I bought the yellow shirt, the turquoise cardigan, and the black leather skirt during a back-to-school spree at Value Village. 

When I laid out my purchases (do you do that?) The skirt and shirt were near each other, and my mind started working!

The gorgeous yellow just begged to be paired with more colour, especially to make the leather skirt even more fun! The turquoise cardigan was a great addition, especially because it allowed so much yellow to show!

I really wanted to wear red stockings with this outfit! Alas, I couldn't find any. Then I got this pair of polka-dot stockings! Yaaay! Instead of red stockings, I wore a red scarf. It worked out very well, because the day I wore this outfit was really cold!

I wore my little square-toe quilted ballet flats, as they have the same leather-look as the skirt! They add some more texture as well, enhancing the shirt's stripes and the stockings' polka-dots.

Ohhh my. I can't believe it's November 9th already! That means I have a little under three weeks to finish all of my assignments... gleep.

On a happier note, today is also my parents' 25th wedding anniversary! Yay! I feel so blessed to have parents that have been, and remain, happily married for so long.

I've also made a breakthrough in terms of my thesis topic! For a while I thought about abandoning the Lady Gaga thing, thinking I wouldn't be able to come up with enough on it. Then I started talking with my prof, who told me one of her colleagues had been working on a paper about religious adornment... awesome!!! I'll use celebrities as a minor part of a larger piece on religious adornment and its significance (or lack thereof) in Western culture. My other prof, when I told him about it, told me about another piece he had read about the superficial symbolism of the costumes in Baz Luhrmann's William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet. So exciting! I really need to get cracking on it though. This is a long weekend, so I'll have lots of time to get organized... I hope!

Hope everyone is experiencing sunny skies, even if they're imagined or reminisced!

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo


  1. This outfit reminds me of a military wonder woman.
    I'm going to follow you! I absolutely love your poses. <3

    Always, Lakin

  2. i'd suggest keeping the jacket open for future trips out, it gives the outfit more depth, and is always a better idea-unless of course it's snowing.


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