Monday, November 1, 2010

C'est l'Hallowe'en!

Hallowe'en is one of my favourite "holidays." Coincidentally, it's the day after Billy's birthday! Favourite holiday, favourite guy... coincidence? :)

I actually had two costumes! Here is the first:

Excuse the background festivities! For the Hallowe'en/ birthday party on Saturday night, I aimed to dress up as an android/cyborg. General consensus at the parties we went to was that I was a "space fairy." Ehh, it works!

Billy dressed up as Freddy Krueger!

I did his makeup with fake skin and red/blue/brown face crayons! He made his sweater by putting red duct tape on his brown sweater.

Two, three, Freddy's coming for me... haha!

My sister and her boyfriend (coincidentally, Billy's best friend) went as undead Romeo and Juliet! My mama made their costumes :D

Note the empty Limoncello bottle from Italy being used as a poison vial! Arnie's "blood" is strategically taped duct tape!

My mama also helped me rig up my "jetpack." I work at a Sears appliance store, and this amazing piece of styrofoam was part of the packaging for a dryer! I spray-painted it silver. The strap across my chest is elastic for ease of removal! It took me a while to figure out how to manoeuvre the streamers in the dining room with the combination of my jetpack and antenna.

Billy's brother went as Jason!

Aren't they scary?!

I did my hair with about half a bottle of mousse, a shish kebab stick, and wire, topped with silver hair spray. I did my eyebrows with navy and purple eyeliner, my eyes with navy eyeliner and white, pewter, and royal blue eye shadow, and my lips with a translucent coverup stick and black eyeliner and lipstick!

Group shot at the party! From top left: Jason, Freddy, Romeo, Juliet, Paper Bag Princess, Cabaret, Cyborg/Space Fairy, Chris, Neil.

On actual Hallowe'en, I went for a more Victorian feel!

I've been planning this shoot ever since I got this amazing little feathered felt hat!

Isn't it gorgeous?! A girl who lives in my town makes these hats out of old felt clothing!! I have another one coming up soon. I have lots of catching up to do again!!

Hey, who's that over in the bushes?

It's a Hallowe'en cat! And this isn't the only one I saw that day... :)

I got this amazing black lace dress at Value Village for FIVE DOLLARS! I thought it would make a really neat part of an "editorial" style photo shoot :)

 This black velvet blazer was an obvious choice to pair with it! And I made a tie out of a black silk lace scarf, worn over my black ribbon cameo:


I carried my little fish purse, both to add whimsy and to pick up the green and purple tinge of the hat feathers!

Speaking of the other Hallowe'en cat...

It's Tommy! He's our big grey neighborhood Tom Cat.

These pictures don't capture how truly large Tommy is!

OK! Off to do some readings... hopefully I'll get caught up again soon. I know I keep saying that! I'm out of midterm season, but essay season is fast approaching!

Happy dressing!
 Mitzi xo

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