Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Come Fly With Me!

Jumping pictures!!

So fun, right?! I wore this outfit to look "fun" for the university open house, where high school students come and ask questions of each department to help them decide whether to go to that university or not.

I just got this neat-o blue kilt, which has pink and yellow and black in the plaid.

As soon as I laid eyes on the kilt (at Value Village), I thought to wear it with this pink hat! The yellow-gold multichain necklace and green shoes add more fun colours!

Since this was destined to be a colourful outfit accessories-wise, I decided to wear this grey v-neck sweater and grey knee-high socks to break up the colour!

Bam. I love kilts!! This is actually more of a pleated skirt, because it doesn't "wrap" and it doesn't have a kilt pin. But whatever :P I love the volume that the pleats give it!

I wore my hooded "leather" jacket because it looked like it was going to rain. It didn't! Yay for being prepared!

Billy and I tried for SO many jumping shots! We only got two good ones, the one at the beginning of this post and this one! We also got a pretty good "landing" shot, haha:

Hahaha this picture makes me laugh :P So does this one:

Being goofy is the funnest!

Like my little pigtails? Totally went for a preppy-schoolgirl look with this one!Haha I'm glad the stupid bracelets they handed out for a free meal at the Meal Hall coordinated with my outfit :P

All right, back to the annotated bibliography grindstone. 'Til next time!

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

p.s. I haven't been giving clothing details because I don't buy "new" clothes... Frenchy's, Salvation Army, Value Village, and Hazel's Bless Your Heart are where pretty much all of them come from!

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