Monday, October 11, 2010

Giving Thanks

I have so much to be thankful for this year! Bear with me while I list them. I have a treat: TWO outfits in this post!
I'm so thankful, firstly, for my wonderful Billy. He's my partner, my friend, my love... my photographer! He's helped me through so much this year and last. He knows how to talk me through stressful situations and bring a smile to my face.
I'm also thankful for my wonderful friends! I love you all so much, and I'm afraid if I listed names I would forget someone. I've made new connections this year and maintained old ones, and while I may seem distant at times, I cherish every moment spent with everyone and I think of you all often.
I'm thankful for my family, my house, and Shelley the cat - I don't know what I'd do without you!
I'm thankful to be in university, and to be doing well in my classes (I hope, haha)!
I'm thankful for my jobs! I so love working at Hazel's with Tammy and Beth, and working at Sears with the lovely Cassina brings meaning to my Saturdays!
And finally, I'm thankful to all the people who read my blog! You make it more than just an outlet for me to post pictures of my outfits. You inspire me to make even more of an effort! Thank you all, and I hope you're enjoying my posts and pictures!

All right. Outfit time! I wore two outfits yesterday. The first was meant to be for all day, but then I looked through the pictures and... was grossed out. There were a few goodies, but ohhh my goodness, most were pretty bad!

I was going for a '70s vibe with this one. Maybe it was because the gods of fashion noticed that I seem to wear these pants every single Thanksgiving, so they sabotaged my posing abilities!!

I love this scarf! It was nice to be able to wear it with something. 

This short-sleeved sweater is actually a bodysuit! It has a scoop neck in the front and a v-neck in the back. I love the colour!

 I so love this leather jacket. I almost didn't buy it because it's a tad big on me, but the back sold me! It's so wonderfully unique. And I can actually get the collar to "pop!" Haha.

I wore this with my crazy pompom hat, my little satchel bag, and my pointy cowboy booties:

Yep, so that was outfit #1. Not very happy with it. Ugh.

On to outfit #2!!

Much better! I LOVE this outfit!! 

I find my face in the above picture to be very haunting... there's a smiling version of this pose, but I like this one better. It reminds me of a portrait from the turn of the 20th century! (I was going to just say "the turn of the century" but we just had a turn of the century... and the millenium... weird)

Right! On to the outfit. This one is based around the dress! It's quite a tough one, with its big, loud pattern. I recently bought this lovely interlocking-roses belt, and thought it would be great with this dress!

You can see in the above picture that the cardigan matches the lighter green in the cerry leaves :D

I can't get over how ladylike I felt in this outfit! I added the scarf to give it a kind of '50s feel :D

Adding to the ladylike feel of this outfit: I'm wearing thigh-high "stay-ups" from Secret. They're awesome!! They really do stay up! And they're soooo much more convenient than regular stockings.

They also made my little oxfords much more comfortable! They're a bit too small, so I have to wear them with stockings or trouser socks. Otherwise, my toes fall asleep. I learned this the hard way ;) But they're such great-looking shoes, I'll never stop wearing them!!

Mmmm wonderful. They were the perfect touch for this outfit, I felt, because it is so ladylike... it needed a masculine touch!

Anyway, I have to go catch up on reading... this has been such a lovely and relaxing Thanksgiving weekend. I have my first two midterms this week... ahhh!! And they're not even the kind you can study for. Darn arts classes! Haha just kidding, I love my classes. Ahem.

...maybe I'll go grab some leftover turkey dinner first... ;D

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

Outfit #1:
Bodysuit/Sweater: vintage (Thrift Store) Pants: thrifted Scarf: thrifted (HBYH) 
Jacket: thrifted (HBYH) Hat: vintage (gift from my boss!) Belt: thrifted Sunglasses: thrifted 
Boots: vintage (HBYH)

Outfit #2:
Dress: My Michelle (Frenchy's) Cardigan: Express (Frenchy's) 
Belt: vintage (L M B's Quality Used Clothing) Scarf: vintage (Frenchy's) Stockings: Secret (Wal-Mart) Shoes: vintage (Value Village)  

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  1. loved both.
    first one looks infinitely better without the jacket. the combination of the jacket and hat along with their fabrics are competing in a way that they should not.


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