Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Harem Pants

Harem pants!!!! I was so excited when I tried these on and they didn't look totally gross and diaper-y :P
 I was inspired to try wearing harem pants by missmatchgirrrl, a stylish lady on www.chictopia.com! Chictopia is a personal style website where people post their daily outfits. I loooove it!
I came up with this outfit almost immediately after trying on these pants. I wanted a loose shirt to imitate the baggy hips of the pants, and needed a wide belt to cinch the waist -- what better than a cummerbund?!
 The flower jacket was also an obvious choice. Haha, I was actually pretty flattered when Billy told me I looked like a crazy art teacher! Yessss.
 I also wore three long silver necklaces: zebra drop, Jesus bust, and St. Anthony key!
 Ughh, I'm sick AGAIN! Last weekend I was super sick with a cold, and now I seem to have another one! Gross.
 Unfortunately, I don't have time to be sick!! I was so glad to get it over with when I had it two weekends ago, but there must be a few strains out there. It certainly seems like everyone around me is sick as well! Ohhh well, be prepared to get it, everyone in my classes :P
 Hmm, even though this pose looks like I'm about to fall over, it's totally on purpose... THIS is what it looked like when I actually started to fall over, hahah:
 Blahh I have to go write a reflection now. I hope everyone is avoiding these colds that are going around!
 Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

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