Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Paper Cranes

Sick day!! This outfit is actually from yesterday. I'll spare you pale icky pictures of me in my pajamas :P
 It was so sunny yesterday! Awful for picture-taking. We tok these in the shade, but then it messed around with how much colours showed up... oh well! This skirt is a deep plum colour, you can tell where the sun is hitting it on the left side of the picture!
 I paired the skirt with this blue-and-yellow striped top, because the thinner yellow stripes pick up the gold embroidery on the hem of the skirt!
 It was a little chilly yesterday morning, so I wore my khaki military jacket with this outfit as well! I thought the scarf would look neat peeking out of it. And speaking of the scarf...
 CRANES!!! It took me a long time to decide which scarf to wear with this outfit. I have all my scarves hung up on a wall, so I have to kind of push them around to see them... this one was hiding, and I've actually never worn it before! I love it.
 I also wore my little green leather sneakers! They're a really bright emerald green. Stupid sunshine! Haha. Here's a picture of them to give a better idea of their colour:
 I really wish I had a better camera. It's such a shame that they cost so much! Money is a mean thing. I've been saving, and I actually have quite a bit saved, but I feel like blowing it all on a camera would be a bad choice. Siiigh! We'll see :P
 I have some pretty exciting outfit ideas that I hope to wear over the next few days! I did so much fall shopping at the end of the summer that I still have tons of stuff that I haven't even worn yet. That's the beauty of second-hand shopping! I don't think I've bought anything "new" (besides stockings and socks) since...? I can't even remember. I find it mortifying when someone else has something the same as me, unless it's something super special that probably everyone should have, hahaha.

I'll leave you today with one of my favourite bloopers ever! This picture reminds me of my five-year-old self for some reason, haha:
Hahaha. I guess I was having a hard time getting the jacket off, it required a lot of tongue-thinking! Does anyone else find it easier to think when you stick your tongue out? I totally do ;D

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

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