Tuesday, October 19, 2010

By my shawl, spun in magic, wishes come true ♪

Today I tried out "Grandma-chic!"

I've had this amazing white shawl for just over a week, and ever since pored over my wardrobe trying to figure out what to wear it with. I didn't want to overdo it by wearing it with something too "matronly."

I bought this skirt at Value Village this past weekend, and when I was planning my outfit last night, they were strewn on the floor in close proximity... PERFECT!

The raggedy hem, stripes, button "fly," and different-sized ties are completely the opposite of "Grandma." Sold.

 I had already thought to wear this grey polo with the skirt, because I wanted to keep it neutral... so I could wear it with my bright blue tights!

 It was SUPER cold out today (although nothing compared to what's coming) so I wore my navy leather jacket! 

The shawl isn't very conducive to being worn under sleeved things, so I rolled it up a bit and wore it as a big ol' scarf!

Sidenote: you can sort of tell in this picture -- the inside of my leather jacket is lined with white-plaid-ish patterned silk! Yaaay it ties in the shawl fringes :D

 It was so cold when I was leaving work that I had to put on a sweater! This brown v-neck added another dimension to the neutrals in my outfit ;)

 This week is shaping up to be absolutely insane for me, but for some reason I'm oddly calm. Hopefully I used up all my stress at the beginning of this school year, so now I'm immune!!

...or maybe my awesome shawl of magic made my stress-free wish come true :P

Oof, I need a haircut! Thankfully these pictures don't really show it, but I had a really bad hair day today. I was able to fix it all except for one flippy-out-y piece... I tried to tame it by straightening it a little, but I straightened it too much, so instead of a weird flippy piece there was a weird straight piece. Ah well.

This was also the first time I wore my grey leather gloves! They were another lucky Value Village find. I love the little black cutout on them:

I have a blooper for you! I really like the pose in this one, but my face decided not to cooperate:

Here's a better face; Billy took a candid picture at the end of this photoshoot:

Alas, time to get back to the schoolwork! Seeee you tomorrow!

 I hope everybody is managing to stay warm and healthy! Winter is definitely on its way :D

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

p.s. don't forget to wear purple tomorrow, October 20th, to commemorate the suicides caused by homophobia.

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  1. beautiful! love how you added colour to the whole outfit, very stylish!



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