Sunday, October 17, 2010


I should be reading, but I'd rather blog! I can't get over my excitement at being able to post again! This is what I wore last Wednesday.

Even though I have a whole cache of "planned" outfits, when I came up with this one last Tuesday night, I had to wear it the next day!!

I had been trying to figure out how to wear this pink and black maxi dress for some time. Then, when I was looking through my sweaters, I found this off-the shoulder breton stripe one... PERFECT!

I was so excited when the single shoulder strap of the dress was on the opposite shoulder of the sweater!!

The dress is actually REALLY heavy, so I belted it with this heavy-duty pirate belt!

Ready for a series of meadow pictures? Here we go!

I got an early '90s grunge feel from this combination, so I wore my combat boots with it!

I love taking pictures in this little meadow/field! It's a one-minute walk from my house. SUPER convenient! Especially convenient this day because my boots still aren't fully broken in... I stuck it out and wore them all day, much to the dismay of my poor feet :P

I love how the print on this dress looks like snakeskin!! It adds a bit of an edge, non? In addition to the combat boots, I toughened this outfit up with my triple-chain "necklace." I put necklace in quotations because it actually came with a pair of jeans, linked to the belt loops!

I love how the way the necklace hangs mimics the asymmetry of the two necklines in this outfit!

It's so great when Billy and I are able to take pictures in the evening. The lighting is so much better! Soon it will be dark earlier though. Oh well! That means winter, and winter coats!! I just got a whole bunch of cashmink scarves too... mmm cold weather :D:D

This is my favourite picture of the whole bunch! It's a tad dark, but I think it just adds to the overall effect:

Bootylicious! Hahah.

All right, time to bite the bullet and read about Secularization Theory... wish me luck!

Happy dressing :D
Mitzi xo

p.s. I just thought of a funny anecdote my prof told in class the other day, which I remembered because I took these pictures in a field with long grass. He's from Australia, and remembers thinking Canadians were crazy to go "frolicking" in fields with less than knee-high boots on, because they're full of snakes where he comes from! Well. As far as I know, I was the closest thing to a snake in this field... ;)

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