Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Long Skirt and a Shooort Jacket

Haha, not quite the right lyrics to the Cake song... oh well!

This is one of my most favourite outfits that I've worn recently! I don't know if that's gramatically correct. It doesn't matter because this outfit is aaaawesome!

Long skirts are totally "in" this Fall/Winter, and when I tried on this skirt at Hazel's Bless Your Heart (the shop I manage), I knew it was for me! It's such a lovely maroon colour. It kind of reminds me of the 1930s!

I'd been planning to wear this tiered robin's-egg-blue tank top with this plaid scarf for ages, and since it's quite short in length, this skirt was the perfect pairing! The pale and dark colours play off each other so nicely :D

I wore my triple-chain necklace to emphasize the tiers and short/long "thing" I had going on. 

I wore this bright green cardigan to add a pop of colour! The tank top and skirt are quite muted, and I felt the outfit needed a little splash.

I needed a jacket that hit just above my hips to make the skirt look as long as possible while still showing that I have a "shape." My silver leather jacket fit the bill! It adds some extra shine as well :D

I love wearing tall boots with skirts that cover the tops of them! When there's too much thigh they end up looking hooker-ish, in my experience anyway. My pirate boots were great with this! The pointed toe helped to elongate the silhouette.

I wore this outfit just over a week ago, and the weather has changed so much since! Almost all the fall leaves have fallen, and it's starting to snow instead of rain. I'm not complaining! I wouldn't be able to "warmly" get away with this outfit anymore though!

Off to write another annotated bibliography! And do a reading! And a weekly writing! Haha. I should be getting stressed as the semester is barreling to a close, but I'm surprisingly calm. I'm banking on the Remembrance Day long weekend to get a lot of school work (read: all my essays) done!

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

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