Monday, November 15, 2010

Paris, je t'aime

I'm quite behind on outfit posts -- here's one from a week ago today! It's what I wore the first school day after getting my darling Tour Eiffel :D

I decided to go full-blown Parisienne! I'd been thinking to wear this striped off-the-shoulder sweater with these navy vintage pants for some time.

 To take it to the next level, I added a neck scarf and beret! The scarf is patterned with little fleurs-de-lis. Love!

I wore my cream-and-black plaid cropped jacket because it created a cool effect with the cream-and-black striped sweater! And also because, as I've said before, I love how the jacket looks with high-waisted bottoms!

As my tattoo was still healing (it still is actually, but I've been wearing stocking and socks and whatever...heh), I wore my little nude zebra slides again! The little bow adds to the French effect, I think :P

 I love these pants so much! I only got them because after trying them on "for fun," and then realized they actually looked pretty good! In the week following their acquisition, I started to see those "classic girl" American Apparel ads with similar pants in them. Yessss, I beat the trend! Haha.

I love how the double-sets of buttons on the jacket are spaced the same distance apart as the stripes on the sweater!!

I wore this skinny patent belt to add a little more "something" to the outfit -- I abstained from jewelery to let the patterns breathe :P

Remember how I was going to "do a ton of schoolwork" this past long weekend? HAHAHA. What a joke that was. Eeeeep.

Yep. Off to squeeze some of that work in before my next class!

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

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