Sunday, November 21, 2010

Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow!

Yesterday was the first "sticking" snowfall! Yaaay! I've had "Snow" from Bing Crosby's White Christmas in my head all day :D

I've had this leather jacket for a while, and I don't wear it enough!! It's well-suited to winter weather, though. The delicious faux-fur collar paired with a sweater underneath kept me nice and warm in today's -9C weather!

I wanted to keep the colours in this outfit nice and "warm" against the cold! The maroon hat, gold scarf, and brown sweater and boots did the trick :)

 This jacket is a tad too big for me, but I love it so much! It was in the consignment shop I manage for almost two weeks before I caved and bought it. I'm so in love with the colour, the style, the pintucking...

The hat and skirt are from the shop as well! Haha I can't help myself :P

I wanted there to be lots of interesting texture in this look, hence the soft mohair cap, patterned stockings, leather jacket with fur hood, and brown suede boots!

I've had these boots for AGES! I bought them in Maine almost... 7 years ago? I have no idea. Crazy! I didn't wear them much when I got them, as I was in high school. I had a sense of style, but it certainly wasn't as adventurous as it could have been! I was too self-conscious to wear so many of my more interesting pieces, which I'm glad I still have :)

Today was such a beautiful day, despite the cold. Winter sunshine is my very favourite! I just wish it didn't end at 4:30 p.m.! These pictures were taken at about 3:20, and the sun was already setting! 

I have a huge backlog of pictures pre-snow, but I had to put these ones up right away! This week calls for messy nasty weather, and the snow will probably be gone by tomorrow :(

I have quite an interesting week ahead, as well! I have a paper due on Friday, but due to a conference two of my classes are canceled this week, making room for some much-needed library time! The paper is for my Ethics course, and I'm doing a totally controversial topic which I'm pretty excited about. It's a 10-12 page paper, so I hope I can do my topic justice!

Speaking of the essay, I should probably go to the library to get books before I lose my motivation!

 Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo


  1. I want snow!! I love the happy bouncy flowiness of your hair :) chic outfits + poses (just like me, I end up with a full film of poses at the end too)



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