Monday, November 22, 2010

Military Mode

Yay!! The snow stayed! Despite my huge (more like week-long) backlog of outfit pictures, I'm posting what I wore today :) I can't bear to post pictures that don't have SNOW in the background! I love winter :D:D:D 

It was chilly outside today, and despite the short dress and 3/4-length sleeves, my camel duffel coat and winter boots kept me warm!

The most exciting part of snow is winter boots, by far! I got this pair last year, and I love them so much! They're fully lined with faux black shearling, so they keep my toes and calves toasty, allowing me to wear less-than-practical stockings in the winter months. 


Because of the buckles and whatnot on the boots, I decided to go full-military for their "school" debut! Haha I totally look the part in the above picture, all pissed off and tough :P (I was actually squinting because of the faint sun shining in my eyes)

For even more warmth, I wore my black beret to pick up the stripes on the top. My teal mottled plaid scarf was the perfect complement to the khaki of the dress and the grey stripes on the shirt!

My studded black belt was the final touch. The dress has belt loops at the hips, but they make the dress a really unflattering shape. So, I just put the belt at my waist! Just because there are belt loops, doesn't mean you have to use them ;)

So, I updated my Chictopia with this outfit before doing this blog post... and I got "audience pick" already!! In less than an hour! That has never happened to me. I'm so excited! Chictopia is an online style community (?) where people post pictures of their outfits and other Chictopians (I love it!) comment and vote for outfits. It can be discouraging not to get votes, but I figure it's mostly for inspiration and new ideas for how to wear clothes. It is nice to get recognition for having great style, but it's definitely a bit of a popularity contest. I still love it though, the community is so positive! People only ever comment good things. It's awesome!!

I love the way the teal in the scarf and the khaki green of the dress contrast with the camel of the coat! 

My favourite aspect of this dress are the zipper and button details! It has back pockets :D So much fun! And it has three front hip pockets and two chest pockets... pure awesome.

So I talked to my teacher about essay topics I've come up with for the two classes I have with him, and he liked them! I have four final essays, and now I have topics for them all. Full steam ahead! I can't believe there are only two weeks left of school!

Also, in terms of my enormous backlog of pictures, I think I'll just do a huge catchup post in the near future with the best of all the shoots! Maybe on the weekend, I'm not sure. Probably when I'm working on the paper due on Friday, hahaha!

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

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  1. You French revolutionary you! ;)
    Love it. The stripes, beret, great coat & brill boots - no surprise you got audience pick right away :)


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