Thursday, November 11, 2010

Electric Kittens!

I got a tattoo this past weekend, and the title of this post is something of a description of what it felt like! I found it to feel like a tiny kitten was mauling my ankle with his little needle claws and razor teeth.

 I was so nervous beforehand! Keegan Lam, the amazing artist who did my tattoo, really set me at ease though! I think it's so important to have tattoos done by someone you feel comfortable with.

 One last shot of my tattoo-less ankle!

Smoothing on the stencil... Keegan put it on twice to make sure it was aligned correctly! He was really great about making sure the tattoo was exactly how I wanted it :D

 Almost time! Ahhhh!

Bzzzz... the kittens attack! The "pain" wasn't even close to what I though it would be. It's a very strange sensation, uncomfortable at most. The heel was the worst... it did acually make me whimper! And I squeezed Billy's hand pretty hard when the long lines were being done. But I didn't actually cry (I remembered to breathe and drank a lot of water), and it didn't bleed until I stood on my foot and walked around!

The halfway point!

After! This was actually taken the next day, and the reason it's so blurry is because I cropped it out of another picture. Isn't it beautiful?! I looove it!

The reason I got the Eiffel Tower is because it is symbolic of Paris. I went there when I was 15 and was deeply impacted by everything about the city -- it really is a magical place! I have had this idea in mind for almost three years, and I'm so glad that I finally got it. I'm filled with joy every time I look down at my ankle! Haha currently, though, joy mixed with agony at the itching...

Billy was trying to get a photo of Keegan and I afterwards, but my camera didn't want to cooperate! The above is the more awkward of the two pictures we got. The second one is hilarious:

I'm going to include the outfit I wore the next day in this post, just for fun!

We had to take the pictures inside because of the torrential rain outside. Ugh.

I wore this grey shawl-necked sweater with blue, burgundy, and salmon stripes. 

I wore the pink tank top and red tiger stripe scarf to accent the stripes!

The black woven belt picks up the buttons on the cardigan! I wore these black H&M pants to keep the outfit comfortable and simple :)

Peek-a-boo!! These nude zebra slipons are the only pair of shoes I own that wouldn't touch the tattoo. They're also perfect with the red and pink accents in this outfit! Yay!

Hope you enjoyed this post! What do you think of my tattoo? Do you have any tattoos or tattoo stories?

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

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  1. ooooh - kitten tower!
    A friend of mine had a tattoo done in the same spot (a butterfly) so I can aproximate the discomofort of having your ankle tattooed by the pressure exerted on my hand that day :D Hope it heels quickly so you can show it off in comfort!

    Happy weekend!


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