Friday, November 26, 2010

Confessions of a Shopaholic

So, as you know if you've been reading my blog, I recently "grounded" myself from buying clothes... I didn't set a timeframe for the grounding, but I guess I had thought it would last 'til after Christmas. 


I bought this fabulous piece of great beauty yesterday... and my vow of no-buying completely crumbled!! I also bought a skirt, a dress, a scarf, and a hat. Oops! It's a serious problem, I'm completely addicted to clothing :P

But look how lovely it is... it's so soft, so warm, and so chic! I noticed these on Chictopia a while ago, and thought "hmm, interesting" but I don't buy "new" clothes, so I didn't go to H&M looking for one.

So then, yesterday, I was at work minding my own business... when a consignor came in with this. I almost passed out with excitement!!! I'm still eyeing a dress she brought in as well... it's a grey-on-grey animal spot print sweaterdress. Mmm. I haven't allowed myself to try it on!

I was even more excited when she suggested $20 as the price!! I get 50% off consignment items because I'm the manager of the shop... $10 for the camel-coloured knit poncho of my dreams!

Don't you love the perfect little faux-leather buttons on the sides?! And the cowl-like-neck?! And and and... ahhh. I never want to take it off! It's like a snuggie, only suitable for public!

Luckily, the outfit I was wearing yesterday went perfectly with the poncho! It actually helped in my decision to actually buy it, haha. At first I didn't even let myself try it on... I put it in the back room, and busied myself with other things, sneaking a peek at it every now and then to  make sure it was really there! I finally let myself try it on, and I LOVED the way my puce-coloured (purplish-grey) skirt peeked out, and the contrast of the royal blue sweater with the camel! Mmmmmmmm! Best purchase ever. The others are preeetty great too, you'll see them soon enough! I'm semi-grounding myself again. Only exceptional circumstances will unground me!

Here's the outfit I actually wore yesterday, haha. See, I was already going for the swooping-outerwear shape with the black lace shawl!

I wore my forest green velvet blazer over the blue sweater, as it was only slightly cold. The scarf, even though it's lace, is actually pretty warm when worn as a scarf! It's made of some kind of polyester-plasticky stuff, so no air goes in or out, cold air included! It keeps me warm when it's around my shoulders too. Yesss. Another Hazel's Bless Your Heart find!

It's hard to tell in these poor photos, but the belt I'm wearing is forest green too! Perfect matchy complement to the blazer. I love its bow-like shape :D

This wonderful skirt is perfect for winter too... it's made of sweater! Hooray!

Much as this is an okay outfit, I felt like there was something missing... I didn't take pictures in the morning, partly because in a rush, partly because this outfit felt "meh" to me. It needed the poncho! Hahaha ;)

Hahaha I figured I'd leave you with a hilarious blooper :D I'm off to work on an essay with a glass of Pinot Grigio... wish me luck!

Happy dressing :)
Mitzi xo

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