Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gaga, Ooh La La!

Yesterday I got home from Montreal, where I went to see the Lady Gaga concert with one of my best friends! It was fantastic, so many crazy sets (at least five) and costume changes, and she has so much energy! We drove to Montreal, and we listened to "Judas" soooo many times. I can't wait for her next tour, definitely a must-go!

Matt and I also did a TON of shopping. Oops! I'm going to be paying this trip off for a while, haha. On the first day we went to Zara and some other random shops along Rue Ste.-Catharine. I got a pair of the orange cropped pants from Zara! I love them. And apparently I wear a smaller size than I thought, is Zara known for vanity sizing?

On the second day we went to H&M. What an amazing selection they have at the Montreal H&M! I bought two dresses, two tops, and a thing that I can't decide if it's a dress or a top. I also got suspenders because I regretted not buying them at the one in New York in February (aren't I a jet-setter), and they don't have them at the H&M in Moncton.

After H&M we went to Forever 21. I had never been, and I was blown away! The prices are SO LOW. I bought a pair of shorts, another dress, and a summer cardigan, as well as a necklace for my sister!

Other shopping stops included sandals from L'Attitude and a straw hat from Aldo. Love.

On to this outfit! This one is a throw-together. I've been wanting to wear this blue dress, but when I wore it it was still too cold for bare shoulders. So I wore a black puffed-sleeve t-shirt with rickrack at the neckline to echo the cream rickrack on the dress neckline. I wore my cream snakeskin belt because the pattern and colours continues the zigzaggy thing that was going on!

I wore my plaid tights and black suede oxford heels as well! The plaid added another fun colour and texture.

And of course, I wore my Michael Jackson jacket -- the sleeves created such a neat silhouette with the tulip skirt! -- and a beret, naturally.

In other awesome news, I just got off the phone with Billy in Turkey! We had such a nice conversation. I miss him so much! 15 days 'til he comes home!

Jacket: vintage, from Value Village
Top: Suzy Shier
Dress: Winners
Belt: Perry Ellis, from Salvation Army
Tights: H&M
Shoes: gift
Beret: Bizou Accessories

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

Friday, April 22, 2011

I Picture Your Face at the Back of My Eyes

It's Good Friday! I've been spending the day off cleaning my room, getting it ready for my trip to MOntreal :D Isn't it awful coming home to a mess? The cleaning has been going so well! I even found $40, yessss.

I'm writing this post from Billy's computer, because mine has decided not to turn on anymore! Great. A couple of weeks ago it was the screen, and now I'm not sure what it is -- it wouldn't turn on this morning even though it was plugged in. Last night it has been switching between battery and outlet power even though it was plugged in the whole time. I tried a different outlet when I discovered the problem today, and it still didn't turn on. I left it plugged in and left it alone for a couple of hours, and then it turned on... for about five minutes. Now it's dead again. I don't know if it's the cord because it seemed to charge. Nasty! It is almost five years old, so I guess it's time...?

In terms of the title of this post, when I finally got on Billy's computer he had sent me this song (Anna Molly by Incubus) and said it would be the theme for his trip. Aww!! I just got Skype, so if everything goes to plan we may be able to talk sometimes!

Right, the outfit! I'd been thinking of wearing this raspberry-coloured polo with my floral skirt for a while, and I was down to my grey-blue tights in my drawer (good thing I'm cleaning my room and doing laundry!), so this outfit just came together! I wore my navy faux-leather jacket and brown shoes and accessories, and the same turquoise belt as in yesterday's post :)

I can't wait to be able to wear skirts and shorts without tights! I adore my tights collection, but man. Come on, warm weather!

Polo: American Apparel
Skirt: vintage, thrifted from Bargains at the Bridge
Belt: vintage, thrifted from Frenchy's
Tights: H&M
Boots: Spring
Purse: thrifted from Hazel's
Jacket: le chateau

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bon Voyage Billy!

This is what I wore to write my LAST EXAM of the semester! Yaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!

See, I wish it wasn't just a fluke that my hair looked like that in this photo!! Ultimate bedhead :D

It actually SNOWED yesterday. And this morning. Gross, right?! It's supposed to be Spring! It's all melted now and the sun is coming out, but it added that little extra bit of crappy to seeing Billy off on his trip to Turkey! He's hanging out with his brother and friends tonight, I hope they have fun together :D 22 days 'til he gets back!

Anyway, due to the weather I decided to take what is hopefully the last opportunity to wear lots of knits. I wore this sheer green striped sweater, by grey knit twirly skirt, and black textured over-the-knee socks! I'm wearing my polka-dotted tights too, but they're hard to see in the photos :D I added my teal vintage belt for a bit of extra colour, and my loooong striped scarf and navy leather jacket to keep warm! I've gotten so used to 10C temperatures, this 0 degrees is cooold!

Since Billy is gone, my little sister was my quest photographer today! She did a great job. We also had to use her camera, because I lent mine to Billy to take to Turkey.

I still have lots of "old" pictures to post, but I figured I'd keep you all up on current events, with current outfits to match every once in a while! Haha ;)

OH YEAH!!! Guess what!!!!!! I'm done my exams. Soooo exciting! Now I have lots of time to do whatever I want ;) This weekend, I'm going to Montreal with one of my best friends, Matty!! We're going to see a Lady Gaga concert and shop 'til we drop. SO EXCITED.

So excited I could.... show you some spinning pictures!


Sweater: hand-me-up fro sister
Skirt: hand-me-up from sister
Belt: thrifted from Frenchy's
Polka-dot tights: Joe Fresh
Over-the-knee socks: Spring
Scarf: Wal-Mart
Faux-leather jacket: le chateau
Booties: vintage, from Hazel's
Happy happy HAPPY dressing!!
Mitzi xo

p.s. it's so funny to realize that the main parts of this outfit came from my sister, and she was the one that took the pictures! Haha :D

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Oh, Have You Seen My Ghost?

Once again, overcast weather results in really cool pictures! They were a little iffy raw, but I contrasted the Dickens out of them and love the result :) The result is also why I chose Wintersleep's "Weightless Ghost" as the post title -- get it? Ghosty? :P

This is an outfit that had been bouncing around my head (and the doodles in the margins of my class notes) for a long time. I finally wore it to my last class! I've been loving outfits with lots of texture, and this one needed one of the last cool days to be seasonally-appropriate. I'm wearing a vintage cashmere turtleneck that was my mama's, my leather skirt, my zebra tights, and khaki over-the-knee socks. It's starting to be too warm for that kind of layering! My navy suede booties and purple vintage jacket finished off the look. Purple and khaki green are one of my favourite colour combinations!

Only one more exam left! The one I just wrote went very well. I met with some girls from my class beforehand to "study." Mostly we recapped the semester and how hard it seemed to be on everybody!! But we also went over our notes, and ended up talking about things that I otherwise wouldn't have been able to answer on the exam! Hurray!

In other exciting news, my mama just went to the nearest city and the fabric store had a massive 50% sale -- she got me some of the fabrics I had envisioned for my Etsy aprons! She also found some amazing vintage aprons that I will be posting in my Etsy shop very soon. Keep an eye open if you're into sweet vintage kitsch! I'll put a link on here as soon as I get it up and running :D

Would you like a blooper? Of course you would:

Cashmere turtleneck: vintage Lord & Taylor, from mama
Leather skirt: vintage, from Value Village
Zebra tights: Chinese Laundry, from Winners
Over-the-knee socks: Spring
Suede booties: Spring
Wool coat: vintage, from boss
Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hard to Be Soft, Tough to Be Tender

I find it so hard to believe that I'm only two exams away from summer break, and all the free time I can handle! I have mixed feelings, as I also face Billy's going away for three weeks. It's happy because he's going to Turkey (so cool) but also inevitably sad because I'll miss him while he's gone!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the overexposure in these pictures! Sometimes I (irrationally) with it were overcast every day so all my pictures would turn out like this :P I think they kind of look like the liner-pictures in a CD case (everyone still remember those dinosaur pieces of technology?). I actually got mistaken for Emily Haines when Billy and I were out for dinner a while ago! It pretty much made my... year? Haha! The title to this post is from Metric's "Help I'm Alive." Right before I wrote this post, Angie from Papillon Chouette posted a link to the music video, and it clicked that this lyric would be perfect for these photos and for my current mood!

I've had this H&M dress for a while. I got it on the sale rack for $7!! I love it, but kind of forgot about it after I bought it. I picked up this little t-shirt-cardigan thing (which I've had for probably 2 years and have never worn), and it clicked! I love the many-striped combination. I need a flat black wide belt (which I don't actually have one of), so I wore this patent black stretchy belt back ward for the effect!

I've been playing around with design ideas for my Etsy aprons, and I can't wait for the patterns to arrive! Unfortunately, the creative juices are blocking the motivation-to-study juices. Thankfully a read-over of my notes should be sufficient for these two exams, as they're my two better subjects this semester! It helps that Billy is studying too.

Foe some reason, I have this nervous feeling about the summer -- I'm not sure what it is, probably that I'm worried I won't be able to accomplish everything I want to, go on all the mini-trips I want to, and so on. Silly me! Summer is for relaxing, not for worrying :D
I also have to line up a photographer. I'm lending my camera to Billy to take to Turkey, but my sister has an identical one, and she's agreed to take my pictures... when she's here. She has a long-distance boyfriend who she goes to visit frequently, so I need to find fill-in number 3! I just find it kind of hard to relax enough to pose with people I'm not used to having pictures taken by. If only I had a fancy camera with a tripod and a remote! Someday ;)

Wish me luck with studying! Ahhhh!

Dress: H&M
Cardigan: Contrast, thrifted from Frenchy's
Belt: Sirens
Faux-leather jacket: Bluenotes
Shoes: Spring

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

Monday, April 18, 2011

Funny Face

I recently watched Funny Face for the first time... I had been missing out!!

Needless to say, I was endlessly inspired by Audrey Hepburn's fab '60s style.I wore this orange sweater to simulate Audrey's androgynous shape, and wore it with black skinny pnats, of course!

I also wore my purple '60s jacket! I liked the very mod orange-and-purple combination. I wore my brown booties and brown purse to add some warm depth!

...I need to stop looking on ebay. I bought a bunch of apron patterns yesterday (SO EXCITED), and today I found some sweeeet summer clothes patterns: one for rompers (one with long sleeves and long legs, the other sleeveless with shorts), one for a sundress and lined jacket, and a third for shorts/pants/pencil skirt WITH SUSPENDERS. Oh yes! Luckily, they're not expensive and shipping is really low because they're so light. So. At least now I can avoid ebay, assured that I have enough sewing fodder to last me for a long time!

Speaking of sewing, I worked some more on my skirt today... I'm using a double-needle for the first time, and the silly thread kept knotting and breaking and being all-around uncooperative. I think it was the rainy morning weather ;) It must have been!

I'll leave you with a funny dancing shot! Happy Monday everyone!

Sweater: vintage, thrifted from L M B's Quality Used Clothing
Jacket: vintage, gift from boss
Pants: Sirens
Booties: vintage, thrifted from Hazel's
Purse: thrifted from Hazel's
Sunglasses: H&M

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo
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