Sunday, October 3, 2010

Muggy Rustic

Such a gross muggy day the day we took these pictures!!
 I'm WAY behind on blog updates!! And I should be studying right now. Oh well!
 This is an example of an outfit that just falls together. I've been meaning to break out some "old" pieces, one of which is this shirt. I think I've had it for almost four years! It's hard to see in the photos but it has a very delicate texture, almost like a crochet-knit hybrid.
 This is the first time I've worn this grey and blue striped vest. I love how the blue of the shirt makes the stripes look bluer! 
 The skirt actually has subtle dots woven into the texture!
 Since the colours in this outfit are quite muted, I decided to add a pop of colour with red lipstain!
 This skirt sits kind of awkwardly on my hips, so it's hard to decide on a belt to wear. I almost didn't wear one, but didn't like how the empty loops looked! When I decided to wear these boots, I immediately thought of this skinny brown belt! I love the "peekaboo" effect it has :P
 You can kind of see my blue socks peeking out of my little cowboy shooties... they're the same colour as my shirt! Yay :D

Since the belt has a gold buckle and gold studs, I decided to wear my gold cross and my little "Big Sis" half-heart necklace. Arn has the "Li'l Sis" half!
I've saved my two favourite pictures from this batch for last! The first is a bit blurry, unfortunately, but I love the pose:
So romantic, right?! Unfortunately, no amount of blurriness-editing could fix it. Oh well!

This one I absolutely love!! Pictures with true smiles are always the best :D I think I was making a face at something funny Billy said.
 Time to get back to studying! Billy and I both have a big Anthropology test tomorrow.
I'll also do a big post on out trip to the cottage soon!

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo


  1. Such lovely colour combinations and beautiful shoes :)

    It 's too cute how the colours match your porch :D (What a sweet porch you have too!)

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