Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Come Fly With Me!

Jumping pictures!!

So fun, right?! I wore this outfit to look "fun" for the university open house, where high school students come and ask questions of each department to help them decide whether to go to that university or not.

I just got this neat-o blue kilt, which has pink and yellow and black in the plaid.

As soon as I laid eyes on the kilt (at Value Village), I thought to wear it with this pink hat! The yellow-gold multichain necklace and green shoes add more fun colours!

Since this was destined to be a colourful outfit accessories-wise, I decided to wear this grey v-neck sweater and grey knee-high socks to break up the colour!

Bam. I love kilts!! This is actually more of a pleated skirt, because it doesn't "wrap" and it doesn't have a kilt pin. But whatever :P I love the volume that the pleats give it!

I wore my hooded "leather" jacket because it looked like it was going to rain. It didn't! Yay for being prepared!

Billy and I tried for SO many jumping shots! We only got two good ones, the one at the beginning of this post and this one! We also got a pretty good "landing" shot, haha:

Hahaha this picture makes me laugh :P So does this one:

Being goofy is the funnest!

Like my little pigtails? Totally went for a preppy-schoolgirl look with this one!Haha I'm glad the stupid bracelets they handed out for a free meal at the Meal Hall coordinated with my outfit :P

All right, back to the annotated bibliography grindstone. 'Til next time!

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

p.s. I haven't been giving clothing details because I don't buy "new" clothes... Frenchy's, Salvation Army, Value Village, and Hazel's Bless Your Heart are where pretty much all of them come from!

All the Leaves are Brown, and the Sky is Grey

Oh my goodness!! I can't believe it's been a whole week since I've updated! Did you miss me? School has been eating me alive, but now midterms are over. Just presentations and essays from here on out!

I recently picked up a bunch of vintage hats, and this was the pale green one's test drive! 

I've been really into green and black as a colour combination lately, and it seemed the perfect choice to play up this soft green hat. I wore my black H&M raglan tee and my khaki tulip skirt!

Keeping with the neutral khaki green-and-black colour scheme, I decided cognac would look awesome too. I threw on my skinny studded leather belt and my beige shawl. The black-and-cognac plaid on the edge is perfect!

In case you were wondering, yes, I am posing in a graveyard. Haha. It's almost Hallowe'en, it seemed appropriately festive!

This hat was so much fun to wear. It's like a bulbous beret! I got a lot of compliments on it. Definitely wearing hats more often!!

This little backpack was the perfect addition. It has all the colours I was using in the outfit! Yaaay. And backpack purses are so convenient. I also wore my black, gree, and maroon oxfords!

I wore my silver leather jacket because the way the collar falls kind of reminds me of a shawl-shape :P

I have so much to catch up on, it's kind of mind blowing!! I can NEVER get this behind on blogging again, haha. If I'd spent a fraction of the time doing this than I did on facebook when I was working on presentations and essays... ugh. No more.

I'm going to a fashion show thingy tonight with my mom and my boss! I'm excited. After that I have to write an annotated bibliography (ugh) and finish a novel (not bad, only 20 pages left). I'll probably do another post tonight anyway!

Yaaaaay outfits. There are a few goodies coming up! Can't wait to post them!

Happy dressing,
Mitzi xo


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I'm Wearing Purple

As you may know, many people wore purple today, October 20th, to commemorate suicides caused by homophobia.

I was so pleased to see so many people on campus today wearing purple! It was such a nice way to raise awareness and show support for people who may be having a very hard time.

I decided to wear my purple pencil skirt! These pictures don't do its "purpleness" justice. It's wool, and it came with a matching swing coat. I thought about wearing them together, but it was a bit "much."

I wore this fleurs-de-lis printed top because I likes the way the textures of the wool skirt and the waffle top created a softness. And the prints are fun!! The striped cuffs and neckline of the top is what originally attracted me to it :D

I chose to wear my Michael Jackson jacket to add to the fun! And because it matched my lip stain. And because red and purple are awesome together! Very "Sailor Mars," haha ;)

Headache pose!! I'm so glad it's Wednesday because the week is half-over. I HAVE to take this weekend to do schoolwork. Auuugh. I have my last midterm tomorrow, and then a paper due on Friday... which I haven't started. Whatever, it'll get done... right? :P

The socks I'm wearing are actually supposed to be over-the-knee... when I pull them up as high as they'll go, they 3/4 cover my knees. If I'm lucky. They rolled down almost as soon as I put them on, but I was kind of okay with it! They make my little suede Beatles boots look like tall boots!

 I pulled the socks up for the last few pictures that we took. Meh.

 I managed to get my hair into a low ponytail today! Weeeird. To cut it again, or not to...? I think I mentioned my hair in my last post too. Any suggestions? Shorter? Grow it out? Buzz cut? (I will not be getting a buzz cut.)

Yaaaay I love this skirt!! I'm going to wear the coat very soon. Maybe tomorrow. I'm not sure if that would be too soon :P

I wonder why I don't wear red and purple together more often? It's such a great colour combination! Do you have a favourite colour combination to wear?

Sigh. I guess I should get back to reading/ writing/ studying. Hope everyone is having a good Wednesday!

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

By my shawl, spun in magic, wishes come true ♪

Today I tried out "Grandma-chic!"

I've had this amazing white shawl for just over a week, and ever since pored over my wardrobe trying to figure out what to wear it with. I didn't want to overdo it by wearing it with something too "matronly."

I bought this skirt at Value Village this past weekend, and when I was planning my outfit last night, they were strewn on the floor in close proximity... PERFECT!

The raggedy hem, stripes, button "fly," and different-sized ties are completely the opposite of "Grandma." Sold.

 I had already thought to wear this grey polo with the skirt, because I wanted to keep it neutral... so I could wear it with my bright blue tights!

 It was SUPER cold out today (although nothing compared to what's coming) so I wore my navy leather jacket! 

The shawl isn't very conducive to being worn under sleeved things, so I rolled it up a bit and wore it as a big ol' scarf!

Sidenote: you can sort of tell in this picture -- the inside of my leather jacket is lined with white-plaid-ish patterned silk! Yaaay it ties in the shawl fringes :D

 It was so cold when I was leaving work that I had to put on a sweater! This brown v-neck added another dimension to the neutrals in my outfit ;)

 This week is shaping up to be absolutely insane for me, but for some reason I'm oddly calm. Hopefully I used up all my stress at the beginning of this school year, so now I'm immune!!

...or maybe my awesome shawl of magic made my stress-free wish come true :P

Oof, I need a haircut! Thankfully these pictures don't really show it, but I had a really bad hair day today. I was able to fix it all except for one flippy-out-y piece... I tried to tame it by straightening it a little, but I straightened it too much, so instead of a weird flippy piece there was a weird straight piece. Ah well.

This was also the first time I wore my grey leather gloves! They were another lucky Value Village find. I love the little black cutout on them:

I have a blooper for you! I really like the pose in this one, but my face decided not to cooperate:

Here's a better face; Billy took a candid picture at the end of this photoshoot:

Alas, time to get back to the schoolwork! Seeee you tomorrow!

 I hope everybody is managing to stay warm and healthy! Winter is definitely on its way :D

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

p.s. don't forget to wear purple tomorrow, October 20th, to commemorate the suicides caused by homophobia.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


I should be reading, but I'd rather blog! I can't get over my excitement at being able to post again! This is what I wore last Wednesday.

Even though I have a whole cache of "planned" outfits, when I came up with this one last Tuesday night, I had to wear it the next day!!

I had been trying to figure out how to wear this pink and black maxi dress for some time. Then, when I was looking through my sweaters, I found this off-the shoulder breton stripe one... PERFECT!

I was so excited when the single shoulder strap of the dress was on the opposite shoulder of the sweater!!

The dress is actually REALLY heavy, so I belted it with this heavy-duty pirate belt!

Ready for a series of meadow pictures? Here we go!

I got an early '90s grunge feel from this combination, so I wore my combat boots with it!

I love taking pictures in this little meadow/field! It's a one-minute walk from my house. SUPER convenient! Especially convenient this day because my boots still aren't fully broken in... I stuck it out and wore them all day, much to the dismay of my poor feet :P

I love how the print on this dress looks like snakeskin!! It adds a bit of an edge, non? In addition to the combat boots, I toughened this outfit up with my triple-chain "necklace." I put necklace in quotations because it actually came with a pair of jeans, linked to the belt loops!

I love how the way the necklace hangs mimics the asymmetry of the two necklines in this outfit!

It's so great when Billy and I are able to take pictures in the evening. The lighting is so much better! Soon it will be dark earlier though. Oh well! That means winter, and winter coats!! I just got a whole bunch of cashmink scarves too... mmm cold weather :D:D

This is my favourite picture of the whole bunch! It's a tad dark, but I think it just adds to the overall effect:

Bootylicious! Hahah.

All right, time to bite the bullet and read about Secularization Theory... wish me luck!

Happy dressing :D
Mitzi xo

p.s. I just thought of a funny anecdote my prof told in class the other day, which I remembered because I took these pictures in a field with long grass. He's from Australia, and remembers thinking Canadians were crazy to go "frolicking" in fields with less than knee-high boots on, because they're full of snakes where he comes from! Well. As far as I know, I was the closest thing to a snake in this field... ;)
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