Sunday, October 10, 2010

Baby, Baby, Baby, Oh!

I should note before I even start this post: I am completely unfamiliar with Justin Bieber's body of work, and do not have the "Bieber Fever." My sister was singing this one day a few months (?) ago and I got it stuck in my head. Only then did I ask the source of these irritating and yet irresistibly catchy lyrics. It has been in my head on and off since. STOP IT YOUNG BOY!

Anyway! Wow, two posts in one day. That's because I need to catch up quickly! I did two shoots today with two different outfits. I'm not sure about the first set. I may post them, because I liked the outfit itself... not so hot on the pictures. Was it the lighting? The fit of the clothes? I don't know! We'll see.

On to the outfit! This is what I wore to a baby shower on Saturday. One of my best friends from high school is having a little boy! I'm so excited for her. We somehow lost touch over the past year, and I'm so glad that I was invited to her shower. I really look forward to reconnecting with her! I got a sock monkey as a gift for the shower, because the theme for the nursery is jungle. And sock monkeys are AWESOME!

Aww. We were both a bit teary-eyed because when she read my card aloud, we both started crying! My card read something like this:

"Sarah!! My Spice Girl is about to join the ranks of such lovely ladies as Mel B., Geri, Victoria, Emma, and Alanna! "Mama" takes on a whole new meaning. I'm so proud of you, my Betty Mae! I love you forever and like you for always, Miriam xxoo"

When we were in high school, Sarah, Alanna and I would have sleepovers every weekend and get up in the morning to dance in the kitchen to both Spice Girls albums through. We had dances for every single song! AND we listened to them on cassette tape! Wow :P It seems like so long ago! It's been almost six years...

On to the oufit!

 I actually planned this outfit around the belt, of all things! I bought it at a second-hand shop during the cottage trip a few posts back, and thought to wear it with this dress!

This is actually the dress that the "scarf" I wore in the John Lennon post came with! I wore my cuddly white sweater as well, because it's similar to the lacy stuff at the neckline of the dress :)

It was cold out again (please please please chilly weather, STAY!!), so I also wore my new cropped plaid fleece jacket! I love it so much, and it was absolutely perfect for this outfit. I had to tuck up the sweater underneath when I had the jacket on, because it looked sloppy with it down -- it's trying to escape in this picture! I think the first picture in this post is the only one in which it's co-operating :P

These navy stockings were perfect for this outfit!! They pick up the navy of the belt. I wore my gold multi-chain necklace to pick up the buckle as well:

I thought long and hard about which purse to carry for this outfit. I can't believe I didn't think of my purple chackered one right away! It adds another pop of bright colour. Perfect!

I wore my aviators with this outfit instead of my blue plastic shades, again for the gold. I didn't want to overdo the navy blue! (heehee, I rhymed)

The last decision was shoes! I decided on my zebra loafers to pick up the off-white of the sweater and jacket, and the black in the jacket and purse! The little bows add to the girliness of the outfit too :D You can sort of make out the herringbone texture of the tights here too, which I felt mimicked the lines in the elastic on the belt!

All right! That's it for now. I'm going to start putting the info about my clothes at the end of my posts, in this format: Item: brand (store). There's going to be a lot of Winner's, Frenchy's, Value Village, and Hazel's Bless Your Heart (HBYH) in there!

I'll leave you with a blooper:

Hahah. Monkey face!!

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

Dress: Johnny Martin (Winners) Sweater: United Colors of Benetton (Frenchy's) 
Jacket: vintage (HBYH) Belt: vintage (L M B's Quality Used Clothing) 
Stockings: Joe Fresh Style (Atlantic Superstore) Necklace: thrifted (Value Village) 
Shoes: Tender Tootsies (Winners) Sunglasses: H&M

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