Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Right Shade of Red

FINALLY!! It took forever for my extra storage to process, and for me to figure out how to use it!!

I wore this outfit LAST TUESDAY and I haven't been able to update since then! Oh well. I was really excited to wear this. When I tried on this blazer, it was magical: it fit perfectly, and the shade of red was perfect for me!!

I've been wanting to try the oversize/ structured blazer trend, but could never find a vintage one that fit correctly! Finally I have found one :D

As soon as I bought the blazer, I knew what I was going to wear it with! I've never actually worn this tank top because it has an awkward fit. Since the blazer is thin, light wool, I wouldn't have to take it off indoors... thus hiding the gaunchy fit of the top!

This tank top was designed by Rufus Wainwright for H&M. I got it over two years ago in Toronto, when I went to see the Spice Girls! I felt very Spice-y in this outfit :D I wore my black studded belt, chain mail purse, and Jesus & St. Anthony necklaces (I should give my other necklaces more of a chance, haha).

I had to wear my "Kate" pants with this as well. I call them that because I wore them to dress up as Kate Moss to my best friend Matty's Pete Doherty... it was a blast!!

Aww, that was such a fun Halloween. It was as magical as these pants!! Even though they're satiny, they're very flattering. And they're a size 7/8, and I usually wear a size 10-12! Woohoo. I've had these pants since I moved to Halifax when I was 18!

It was a chilly day when I wore this, so I added my black pashmina too. For shoes, my quilted black ballet flats!

I'm so relieved to be able to post again!! I really missed it. I have so many outfits to post, I don't know when I'll get caught up! Now I should go do laundry so that I can make more outfits, hahaha.

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

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