Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's Cold Outside and the Weather's Fine

Friday was one of the first days that I was able to comfortably wear a sweater and a wool jacket and not swelter to death! YAY.

This is another outfit that ended up being a harmony of pieces that I couldn't figure out how to wear! 

I've had this jacket since the summer, but this is the first time I've worn it. The fit is impeccable - the pictures don't do it justice! When I thought to wear it with this skirt, I was really excited because I like the buttons all the way down the front of the outfit :D

I think this skirt is so amazing! It's really full, but hangs like an a-line... and any skirt with pockets is automatically great (I just thought of a few exceptions, so let's change that to "for the most part," hahaha).

I've also been looking for an outfit to wear this royal blue sweater with. It's such a bright colour that it needed to be paired with quite a neutral outfit, so this was perfect! The khaki green and lovely grey in the skirt's stripes add dimension as well.

It was hard to decide which purse to carry with this outfit. I finally decided on this khaki purse with black leather straps -- it kind of goes with the military feel of the look. It's actually made of nylon windbreaker material! So cool. The straps and brass buckles also echo my pirate boots! They were an obvious choice for this outfit :P

I also threw in my forest green knee-high socks. Apparently fashion is all about NOT matching right now. Still not sure how I feel about it; I've been experimenting with pattern-mixing, which I adore, and crazy colour combinations... BUT I LOVE MATCHING. So I'll keep doing it! 
The above picture doesn't show the back of the boots:

Mmmm pirate laces. Love these boots!
Ooh ooh ooh, notice the way the shoulder panel on the jacket comes to a downward point? LOOK:

It mimics the back-line (opposite of neckline...?) on the sweater! Eeeeee harmony. Ahaha that just reminded me of that dating website. ANYWAY.

I mixed up my picture backgrounds! What do you think? Like it? I hope nobody's bored with the front porch of my house, haha! I'm going to try to give you a few different backgrounds over the next little while :)

Oh my! Of course, I wore my black beret as well. After I got dressed, Billy said "you look like Rachael Weisz in Enemy at the Gates! AWESOME. I love Rachael Weisz! Obviously I don't actually look like her, but I agree that that's what my styling looked like in this outfit :D:D

'Til next time, my friends! I'm a few days behind in pictures, after I take some today I'll be...two...? days behind! I'm not sure if I'll get another chance to post today, because we're having our Canadian Thanksgiving dinner today. Lots of food and friends and all good things! I'll have to decide whether to post that one tonight or after the one from yesterday. 

Neat! Time to go clean up my room. It's like a clothes bomb exploded! Ahhh!!

Happy dressing :D
Mitzi xo


  1. Too cute. I love the way you styled this look. I especially love the color of that shirt. Very pretty blue!

  2. Love your outfit.

    Your jacket looks just perfect - love all the details :)

    I am so smitten with skirt pockets as well.. not like I use them but I like to hook my fingers in them like I am an ersatz Al Bundy ;)


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