Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Here Comes the Sun

Today began as a nasty, rainy, blustery day, but as soon as Billy and I went to start taking pictures, the sun came out!
 The sun coming back was MUCH NEEDED. It's been a grey and dreary past little while! I try not to let it show in my outfits though :P Dressing for the weather is one things (i.e. jeans in the rain? Uncomfortable!! Shorts/skirts with tights will dry faster), but dressing to match the weather is another... It would be rare for me to wear grey on a grey day!
This outfit is actually based around the black polka-dot top! I had a different outfit planned, but it was NOT weather-appropriate. 
I didn't want to wear this top with a solid coloured bottom; that would be too obvious!! So I chose this mosaic-printed tennis skirt.
Opaque tights were a necessity! It was really windy ("blustery" is an understatement), and I could have worn a less-full skirt, but whatever. I needed a fun outfit!
I almost wore black-and-silver accessories, but then thought that to be too "expected" with a black-and-white outfit. I went with warmer brown and gold instead! I wore my brown leather grommeted belt and my gold locket, with my green dangly earrings... they're hard to see in the picture, but the heart cutout on them picks up the heart-shape of the locket, and the little star beads on the dangles (?) imitates the pattern in the skirt a bit.
I actually had a hard time deciding on footwear... I was going to wear my black buckle boots, but they have silver buckles and so would be discordant. Then I saw my zebra loafers! Perfect!! The zebra stripes on them are actually a dark brown, and the cute bow goes with the flirtiness of the skirt!
I have some hilarious bloopers from this photoshoot! Some are less funny than others. But anyway. Billy and I were in a really silly mood, partly because we had just watched a movie with lots of apes in it (CUTENESS!!) in our Anthropology class, and partly because the sun coming out is means for giddiness as well. Here they are:
Billy told me to do a crazy pose, so we tried to get a "jumping" one. Not happening.
Take 2 for "crazy pose!"
Demonstration of "The Eensy-Weensy Spider"...?
Peekaboo silly Billy!
Hahaha I love outtakes. They're my favourite part of DVDs, and my favourite part of photoshoots!

I'm off to try Zumba at the gym! Hopefully it doesn't kill me :/

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Grape Nuts

This isn't the outfit I was referring to at the end of the last post! Oh well, can you take the suspense?!

It was rainy today, so I wanted to wear something that would dry quickly!
Silly :P

 My leopard umbrella is slightly broken, so I wanted to give it a break today. I wore my hooded leather jacket instead! It's not real leather, so it can handle rain :D

 I had a reeeeeeaaaaaaally hard time falling asleep last night. I'm not sure if it's because I was thinking up outfits, or if I was thinking up outfits instead of counting sheep... but anyway, this one kept popping into my head!
 I've been wanting to wear this skirt and scarf (as sash) together for a long time, I just wasn't sure what shirt to wear with it. I thought grey or black would be too boring!
 This khaki green one is perrrfect!! The spatters on the front add another dimension to it as well.
 Black stockings and purple ballet flats (the colour on the trim-lining part match the skirt and scarf exactly) finished off the outfit.
Also, I'm not sure why my camera and these stockings hate each other so much... eww ;)
 This outfit kind of ended up looking hip-hop-y! So funny, because that's not really my style at all! The gold "bling" top it all off:
 Tuesday is over! Only two more busy school days, haha. I have this weekend off too, we're going to our friend's cottage!

 This is a close-up of the scarf/skirt combination... they're actually exactly the same colour. Both are from American Apparel. I love the colours American Apparel offers! This scarf is the only thing I've ever actually purchased from there though, despite their quality I find their prices a bit too high! I got the skirt from the consignment shop I manage :D I bought an identical skirt in a wine colour today, I'm excited for the outfit I have planned for it!

Welp, time to do some readings and writings and such!! Hopefully I'll sleep better tonight, gahh it's been two nights in a row that I've tossed and turned for what seemed like hours... maybe the stress I've seemed to be able to get rid of is sitting on my sleepy-button.
Sorry this last picture is sort of blurry, I love it because I'm smiling so genuinely!

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

Monday, September 27, 2010

Under the Sea!

Yayyy this outfit made me feel like a mermaid!
 I'm finally feeling well again after a weekend of illness. Yesss. What better way to kick off the week than with a colourful outfit!
 I wanted this wonderful skirt to be the main focal point of this outfit, so I kept everything else simple with flat black: v-neck raglan sweater, thigh-high socks, and suede booties.

 The weather network told me it would be cold today (lies), so I also wore my blue peacoat and floaty turquoise scarf! Both colours totally pick up the pattern in the skirt.
 My lipstain is the same colour as the darkest pink in the skirt too!
 Since it's Monday, I should be back at the top of the stress hill... but surprisingly, I'm not! Maybe my sick-hermit-ing this weekend was therapeutic somehow :D I do have stuff I should be doing instead of blogging, buuut it can wait a little while :P
 It's not really evident in any of these pictures, but the skirt had a "spout"! You know the "v" on the front of princess dresses' bodices?! Eeee it's been my mission since I was as little to have as many "spouts" in my wardrobe as possible ;)

 This is such an "atlantic mermaid" outfit!! The scarf floats like seaweed, the coat is sailor-like, and the print on the skirt HAS FISHES. Yes it does!! That's what sold me on the skirt in the first place (besides the spout and the pockets!):
 To keep with the ocean theme, I wore pearl accessories too:
 Fun outfits like this one always make Mondays better. Now I have to do a writeup and read a bunch of stuff... my readings are shorter than usual though, so hurrah!!
 I'm very excited about the outfit I have planned for tomorrow.

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

Sunday, September 26, 2010

♪Take Me Away♪

This is my final catchup post! Yay! 
 This outfit was based around the high-waisted leggings! I have a strict rule about not wearing leggings as pants, but these ones are so pants-like that I couldn't help it :P They have faux-leather tuxedo stripes down each leg!
 I wanted to make a riding-ish outfit with these leggings, so I wore them with my new forest green velvet blazer!

 I'va also been trying to work with different colour combinations, so I paired this red top with the green blazer as well. I think that, since they're both somewhat muted colours, they're not too Christmas-y together!
To add some more colour, I wore this powder blue pashmina. It's the softest one I own! It almost feels like wearing a cloud. I also wore it for comfort, because Friday (when I wore this outfit) was when my nasty cold started to kick in! That could be part of the reason I look so miserable in most of these pictures, haha.
 I accessorized with my black studded belt and my "religious studies" necklaces :P I have one that's a bust of Jesus (sort of), a key with St. Anthony de Padua on it, and a pearl rosary that my sister brought back from Vatican City! It's been blessed by the Pope :D I'm not sure if you can see them clearly, but I also wore my favourite metal flower-print earrings.
 Yay, in the above picture you can almost tell how soft the pashmina is!!

This was also the first day that I wore my little black suede "Beatles" boots! That's what I've nicknamed them, anyway :P

 Ok, I need to get something off my chest. Since school has started (I guess?) I've been enveloped in school work and am starting to feel really lame... I don't feel like I have time to be social, and even when I do and am, I feel weird and think of all the other things I should be doing... and so I feel lonely. I don't know what's wrong with me because I have lots of friends who I love dearly, but I have a way of shutting myself out even when I'm in a social setting! I really want to work on that and become more welcoming as a person. I've started to cut down on school stress levels by doing readings in advance, but I'm still trying to figure out how to open myself up to...companionship? I find I'm VERY friendly after a few drinks, but I wish I didn't need to breach that false barrier to relate to people. I recognize what a useless excuse for being social drinking is, and realize that moderation is the key, and blahblahblahhhh. Maybe, too, this is at the forefront of my mind because I was a sick recluse this weekend! I'm also a one-to-four hour drive away from my best friends in the world (I miss you both SO MUCH!!), and want to make deeper connections with my lovely friends here. It's just hard for me sometimes. 

Phew! That felt good. These feelings have been weighing on me for a while now! Sorry if that was a bit heavy, it needed to happen!

I'm going to go finish up those readings, and hopefully turn the frowns ( like the ones in these pictures...heh) upside down!

The title of this one is from that song in "The Ugly Truth." So catchy!

Happy dressing,
Mitzi xo

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Technicolour Dove

WOW I had a great time putting this outfit together!
 I originally had an almost completely different vision for how to wear this pale grey vintage dress for the first time. I got the dress with the silvery-flowery jacket from David Bowie Meets Grandma's Couch.

I knew I was going to wear my pointy, slouchy suede cowboy boots with the dress from the moment I tried it on. They "slouched" lower from the hemline than I thought they would, but I still like the effect!
 I was originally going to wear this with a dark red scarf. Then, looking at my hat collection, I saw this pink beret and knew it would be perfect! It would clash with the dark red scarf, but would look amazing with my turquoise short-sleeved wrap sweater!
 I had also thought that a bright blue pashmina would look good with the dress and the pink hat, but it definitely wouldn't work with the turquoise! But this gold pashmina is perfect!!
 It was quite a chilly day when I wore this outfit, and my navy blue leather jacket was a perfect addition! It also brought my blue sunglasses into the outfit nicely.
 I ADORE the skirt on this dress! It's so full, and the pleats make it kick out beautifully when I walk. It's so romantic! The dress is also belted, but the belt is hard to see. It's the same color as the dress!

 Ughhh I'm so sick today. I actually had to leave work early because I was feeling so gross! Having a cold is so unpleasant. I got some pretty good bloopers in this set of pictures, so I'll leave you with them:

The jacket!! It's aliiive!
I can't decide what's more awkward, the hands or the smile, hahaha
 Hahaha the last one is my favourite. It's a subtle blooper! I'm not sure why I was sticking my tongue out, but there you have it. 

 I hope everyone is having a "healthier" weekend than I am! 

Happy dressing,
Mitzi xo

p.s. I'm almost caught up! Yaaaaaay!
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