Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Grey turns to Yay!

Today started out HORRIBLY. I overslept, and had a hard time getting it together this morning. I had to print something and couldn't make my printer work for a bit, I didn't have an outfit laid out, it was raining... on the way to class, I noticed as well that my jeans were covered in lint. Not a happy time!
 Once I got to class and finished my coffee, things started to look up. I guess I'm just stressed about the amount of work I'm facing this term, both school and job-wise. I LOVE my jobs, and I've even got  a new one (yes, I'm crazy) -- I'm going to be tutoring a few hours a week as well! Yay money. Savesavesave.

 I had to slap this outfit together in a matter of minutes this morning. I suppose I based it around the jeans; I had a doctor's appointment today too, and stockings and skirts and stuff are not really conducive to poking and prodding. Blech. 

I picked up on the gold on the zipper at the ankle of the pants, and chose this brown grommeted belt. From there I got the zebra-print cami, which I haven't ever worn before! Exciting, I know. I haven't worn the dark green cardigan before either! I wore the black beaded necklace because of the similar gold, and noticed at the last minute that the beads in the burgundy collar necklace have similar coulours to both the pink bead on the other necklace and the dark green of the cardi. Phew.

The purple shoes were the most rain-appropriate. And they make my feet smell funky, a little treat for my doctor! HAHA.  really don't like going to the doctor. I also have to go to the dentist on Thursday. Maybe I'll have ceasar salad for lunch. Heh heh.

Another upside to the day: Billy and I went shopping! For him only, but it's still fun :D He got two pairs of awesome shoes!
 So stylish, right?! I loveloveLOVE the seond pair, they remind me of Tybalt in the Leonardo DiCaprio version of Romeo+Juliet!

Anyway, I'm off to bed. Another loooong day tomorrow! 

Happy dressing,
Mitzi xo

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