Wednesday, September 8, 2010


That seemed to be the word of the day in the two classes I had today. Which means FUN!! I think I'm going to love both of the classes! Yay!

My first class was Introduction to Anthropology. It's to cover my last social science degree requirement, but I think it's going to be great! There's a fourth-year anthro course about religion, maybe at some point I'll take that. Student forever! Yippee!

Oof, excuse the pit-stains. Billy and I did our photoshoot after we ran around buying textbooks, and button-down shirt + exertion = sweat. Hey, we're all human! Har har.

My second class today was Religion in Film! It's going to be awesome. Today was just an introduction, but I'm so excited! The first film we watch will be Jesus Christ Superstar. This class was kind of the inspiration behind my androgynous-Parisian outfit! Do I kind of look like some sort of film critic-pretentious artsy person? That's totally what I was going for :P

I have a boatload of homework already! Part of it is watching the film Changing Lanes, for Ethics in Western Religion. I also have to research interpretations of Bobbie Gentry's "Ode to Billy Joe," and read an article. Phew!

I felt kind of beatnik-y today too, despite the splashes of colour. I think its the beret and skinny black trousers (um, obviously?). Haha I'M TIRED. I'll be more tired after I (potentially) go to Zumba tonight!

Oh yeah! This is my new haircut. I told you I was going to wear a hat. Blahh it's growing on me, but I may grow it out and try this next:

The Mick Jagger- inspired haircut! I love it. And Project Runway. Can't wai til Saturday when the newest episode is uploaded to Megavideo! Haha.

I'm off the crack into all that homework! I need an agenda book to write it all down. 

Happy dressing!
 Mitzi xo

ohhh p.s.! Out of the four classes I've had, I still have ZERO EXAMS. Happydance!

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