Saturday, September 4, 2010

♪ Well it was Saturday Night, I know the feeling was right ♪

Two posts in one day! Wow. I must be procrastinating! I'm just practicing for when school starts on Tuesday :)
This is an outfit I wore to a basement show a little while ago. 

There's Billy again! Sometimes he and I like to coordinate our outfits. This time we did it subtly by piling on jewelery!

This is my "Michael Jackson" leather jacket! I named it that because of the strong shoulders and red leather accents. I got this baby for $9.99 at Value Village! I KNOW, the people in charge of pricing there are crazy.

I wish the detail on the top I'm wearing was more visible, it has pleating and lace applique and oilslick beads... wonderful! I liked how the details on the top picked up the belt, which is actually attached to the denim skirt (which has pockets!!).
I wore a multi-chain silver necklace with pearls, my black ribbon cameo, and a navy polka-dotted ribbon in a bow around my neck! I love the effect of wearing several necklaces at a time, a trend I've just begun to try out in the past month or so.

I felt very much like a Spice Girl i this outfit, hence the name of this post! I love the Spice Girls. I loved them when they came out, and I love them as much if not more today! Expect many more references to them in the future :P

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

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