Monday, June 13, 2011


One of my favourite things about spring is the giant forsythia bush in my yard bursting into bloom! It always means that warm temperatures and sunshine are on their way. Both are in full-force now, but it was exciting the day these pictures were taken to be able to wear bare legs!

I decided to save the post I was all excited about for a few days from now -- I'm almost at my 200th post! I can't believe it! I suppose it's been almost a year since I started blogging, or it will be in August. Craaaazy!

This outfit was a throw-together work outfit, but I like how it turned out! The green skirt is always fun, and I hadn't worn this fluttery-sleeved t-shirt in a long time because it's surprisingly hard to style. Ehh. I added my purple flats for more fun colour, and my silver leather jacket served as outerwear. It's such a go-to piece, I don't know what I'm going to do when it falls apart like it's threatening to!

The belt I'm wearing is actually a pale grey colour. It came with the gorgeous grey pleated vintage dress I wore here (oldie alert!) and here. I need to wear that dress soon, it's perfect for summer!

Oh yeah! Flowers :D Forsythia make me happy, but they're not my favourite flower. I really love calla lilies, and also tiger lilies. I worked at a flower shop for a while and it ended up being one of the most traumatizing work experiences of my life -- you'd think flower-people would be nice! But I still like flowers (sometimes), and yep, calla and tiger lilies are my faves :D What's your favourite flower?

I was about to write "happy Tuesday" but then I remembered that it's only Monday. Oh boy. That happens to me so often! Haha. But anyway, happy Monday!

T-shirt: Old Navy, from Hazel's
Skirt: vintage, hand-me-up from sister
Belt: vintage, from Hazel'
Shoes: Wal-Mart
Bag: from Hazel's
Jacket: Suzy Shier
Sunglasses: H&M c. 2008

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo


  1. Loving this color combo and now I'm thinking I need a white belt!

  2. I love the green skirt, and the sleeves on the top are so cute!

  3. This green skirt is soo good, I love the fit and colour. Also that top is really pretty too. Love this look

  4. Happy spring to you! I love the lilacs when they come out, do you have those yet or are they already over?
    I like this simple outfit. The fit really suits you and it looks cute and comfy.

  5. The top is perfect with this skirt :) Love those colours. My jeans jacket is threatening disintegration too - always hard to find a replacement for a go to piece

  6. I love the color-combo dear! And esp. the shade of green!

  7. aww, your house is SO adorable and I love these two colours paired together, what a gorgeous outfit! xx veronika

  8. Loooove that skirt! It looks absolutely divine on you!

    And I totally agree - it's a great day to wake up to warm weather!

    chloe **

  9. oh awesome is it that your top matches the house and your skirt matches the grass? You chameleon, you! :D

  10. I love the green skirt. :) You styled it really well. I'm always scared to mix my bold colours together, but you do it great! You look fantastic.

    Amy xxx

  11. Beautiful, I love this color!Come to visit my blog:
    I'm from Milano, Italy!
    Thank you very much
    xoxo S.G.


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