Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Frayed Foray

This fantastic and voluminous skirt is my first foray into fashion design! It's based on a pattern, and I made it out of a cotton and linen denim. I LOVE IT

It seems like it took forever to create, probably because I made it in my sewing lessons, which I only have once a week. And also probably because there is SO MUCH SKIRT!! I love its twirliness :D My next project is a dress, and I've been making aprons on my own. Photos of those to come soon (as I say almost every post...sigh)!

For my skirt's first outfit (comparable to a child's first day at school, probably), I wanted to make a kind of edgy look to balance out the intense potentially-Western prairie-ness of the skirt (that outfit is soon to follow, ha!). I went for my shiny silvery gold-y Beatles t-shirt, metal belt, and Buckle wedge sandals!

More twirling!! I have to contain myself in shops and such when I wear this. The sidewalk is another story altogether.

This skirt was also my first lesson in alterations! We had to take in the yoke almost four inches. My measurements have gone way down from when I started making this skirt! Yay Zumba! Everybody go if there are classes nearby ;)

These photos are very recent, hence the leafy loveliness of my backyard! I still have lots of photos, some from over a month ago. But! They are in Picasa Web Albums, so they'll be up soon :D

My sister's boyfriend (who is also my boyfriend's best friend... complicated!!) is visiting, so I think we're going to do some hangout stuff tonight. Last night we went to Bridesmaids, and it was really funny! I keep saying it wasn't what I expected, and I finally figured out what I mean. I was expecting something more like The Hangover. It was sort of like that, a good balance of wit and bathroom humour (the dress salon scene? Oh my goodness hahahahaha), but definitely tailored to a female audience. It was a bit heavier on the stomach-jerking drama than I was expecting too, but all around it was a good movie!

Beatles t-shirt: from my friend Crystal
Silver metal belt: from Value Village
Denim skirt: MADE BY ME!
Sandals: Steve Madden, from Winners

Oh oh oh P.S. I've been reading your blogs, but silly Blogger won't let me comment on them! Every time I try (and I usually try three times before giving up :( ), I get signed out. Grrr. I have some of you on facebook, so I usually comment there, but otherwise, I'm so sorry!! I hope this gets fixed soon!

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo


  1. I love that skirt!! I'm impressed, I can only do alterations can't sew an actualy skirt. I love it with the tshirt. It's so nice to have nice greenary in pictures right?!

  2. Wow, such a wonderful skirt! Well done :D and it looks fab with the beatles tee!

  3. Love the sillhouette and how you paired this skirt with a cool t-shirt

    What a brilliant first homemmade garment! You look gorgeous :)


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