Sunday, June 12, 2011


It's spider/bug season in Atlantic Canada, so I'm doing my best to muster up the positives! Spiders are my least favourite thing ever. Every time I see one I FREAK OUT. Lately I'm getting better, sometimes I can even look at them for a bit and only freak out inside, in that whole-body-goes-cold and mind-goes-blank sort of way! I only actually scream now when they ctch me off guard, like when they lurch down from the ceiling in front of my face or when they show up in such inopportune places as the shower or on a book on the bookshelf. You know?

Funnily enough, I don't mind other bugs at all really. Even june bugs, which are kind of like round orange-bottomed cicadas (maybe?), don't get a rise out of me! Most people are terrified that the june bugs will go in their hair. I've never had it happen though. The june bugs came early this year, and almost every street has a few crushed june bugs with their orange guts smeared on the road. Ew, but not ahhh!!

One bug I DO like is the ladybug! I'm sure most people would agree. Ladybugs have always been a positive force for me, because they're my mama's favourite thing ever. She has all kinds of ladybug stuff, and whenever I see ladybugs I think of her! We even have a ladybug doorknocker, which you can see in the background of most of these photos. I love when I find one, because I can pick it up and let it crawl on me until it decides to fly away. AND they're supposed to bring good luck!

This outfit kind of reminds me of a ladybug, with its red and its prints. Clearly ladybugs are not striped, nor are they irregular-plaid printed, but they are definitely stylish! Haha. I love how each ladybug is diferent, and how on real ladybugs their spots are not uniform, kind of like the mottled background on the t-shirt I'm wearing. I liked the contrast between the print on the t-shirt and the different-widthed striped on this long cardigan. To keep it light, I wore a navy belt in the beltloops of my red shorts, and I put on navy tights because it was still a tad too chilly for bare legs when these photos were taken!

These shorts are vintage, and looked pretty wonky at first -- they need to be belted to hide the elastic gathering at the back, and they're an awkward length. Rolling-up to the rescue! I strongly believe that if an article of clothing is the right colour and fits, anything can be made to work for you. Working at a used-clothing store, I notice that lots of people pass over what I consider to be amazing pieces, probably because they can't think of how they would wear it. Sometimes I think it would be a lot of fun to work as a low-budget personal stylist, helping other people to shop in thrift and second-hand stores to find unique, flattering wardrobes that wouldn't break their piggybanks. Hmm!

Ahh! I know I'm being wordy today, but. This cardigan is from my first-ever visit to Forever 21. WHAAAAT why don't I live near one!! I bought this cardigan and a sweet stripy dress which I'll unveil soon, as well as the sweetest floral denim shorts I've ever had the plasure of putting my butt in. Holy moly did I ever love just about everything in that store. I went when I was in Montreal, and I'm pretty sure that's the closest one to my neck of the woods. Darn. They even had an impressive men's section for my friend Matty! And their prices are so low!! 

All right lovely ladybugs! I'm done for now. Hope you liked the outfit! The next one is so exciting I can barely contain myself. I absolutley loved wearing it! And I have a bit of a rant to include too ;) Stay tuned!

T-shirt: hand-me-up from sister
Cardigan: Forever 21
Shorts: vintage, from Hazel's
Tights: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: Ardene, from Value Village
Belt: vintage, from Hazel's

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo


  1. Looks like you did a great job altering the shorts...they're very cute! And nice pattern mixing with the top and cardigan. I'm also afraid of spiders. I think it's partly because when my siblings and I were kids our parents always warned us to stay away from piles of wood because they harbored poisonous black widow spiders. Also, once when I was driving as a teenager, a spider lowered itself down from the ceiling of my car and landed on my steering wheel in front of me. EEEEEK!

  2. Oh my god, I could NOT deal with that amount of bugs in my life *shudder*! You're a trooper as far as I'm concerned.

    Your ladybug definitely has an adorable ladybug thing going on, very nice :D


  3. Lol, your OUTFIT has an adorable ladybug thing going on haha :P

  4. you front porch is perfection! i love the colors. also, we have tons of spiders, and nothing else bugs me (ha wordplay) EXCEPT spiders. i kill them with the swiffer sweeper.
    cool outfit, red shorts are awesome!

  5. Your shorts are sooo great!! I love that patterned top with the patterned sweater too! Such great print mixing my dear.
    I hate spiders but I'm not super afraid of them, just want to kill them

  6. That sucks that you don't live near a F21! I literally go to that store one a week haha it's a habit that needs to stop! I also found a pair of amazing floral shorts that I never wanna take off, I wonder if we're talking about the same pair!

    This outfit is so cute, I love the contrasting stripe patterns. And is this your house? It is soooo adorable! I've never seen a house like this in Texas, but I wish!!


  7. Thanks so much everyone!

    @Heather: Ewww black widows!! I don't think we have them here, but we do have wolf spiders which are a similar deal. And if a spider lowered itself in front of me when I was driving it's probably a safe bet that I'd crash! Haha...ahhh!!

    @Sophi: Yeah, I don't know how I do it sometimes :P It's coming up to the time when I get at least a "spider attack" a day, which is waaay worse than june bugs :S

    @Kallie: Thanks! The colours on the porch and door are so happy ;) And a swiffer sweeper sounds like an excellent spider-murdering tool!

    @Jenna: Can you come be my spider-killer? I can only bring myself to do it when I'm home alone, haha!

    @Rachel Emma: I knowww, it's so awful not having an F21 now that I've been there! The shorts are white with a navy floral print, and they're kind of frayed at the bottom. I love them so much!! And yes, this is my house! Definitely one of the more colourful ones here in New Brunswick ;)

  8. First of all.... you have the coolest porch ever haha. I know that has nothing do with your outfit, but it makes an awesome background with that colorful door. Anyway, I LOVE those bright red shorts! They look super cute and funky. I'm kind of jealous that you're still able to wear cardigans and tights. It's SOOO hot here and layering is now impossible. booo.

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