Saturday, September 25, 2010

Technicolour Dove

WOW I had a great time putting this outfit together!
 I originally had an almost completely different vision for how to wear this pale grey vintage dress for the first time. I got the dress with the silvery-flowery jacket from David Bowie Meets Grandma's Couch.

I knew I was going to wear my pointy, slouchy suede cowboy boots with the dress from the moment I tried it on. They "slouched" lower from the hemline than I thought they would, but I still like the effect!
 I was originally going to wear this with a dark red scarf. Then, looking at my hat collection, I saw this pink beret and knew it would be perfect! It would clash with the dark red scarf, but would look amazing with my turquoise short-sleeved wrap sweater!
 I had also thought that a bright blue pashmina would look good with the dress and the pink hat, but it definitely wouldn't work with the turquoise! But this gold pashmina is perfect!!
 It was quite a chilly day when I wore this outfit, and my navy blue leather jacket was a perfect addition! It also brought my blue sunglasses into the outfit nicely.
 I ADORE the skirt on this dress! It's so full, and the pleats make it kick out beautifully when I walk. It's so romantic! The dress is also belted, but the belt is hard to see. It's the same color as the dress!

 Ughhh I'm so sick today. I actually had to leave work early because I was feeling so gross! Having a cold is so unpleasant. I got some pretty good bloopers in this set of pictures, so I'll leave you with them:

The jacket!! It's aliiive!
I can't decide what's more awkward, the hands or the smile, hahaha
 Hahaha the last one is my favourite. It's a subtle blooper! I'm not sure why I was sticking my tongue out, but there you have it. 

 I hope everyone is having a "healthier" weekend than I am! 

Happy dressing,
Mitzi xo

p.s. I'm almost caught up! Yaaaaaay!


  1. that dress is absolutely gorgeous!! I want to have an unhealthy weekend :) (but I'm home alone, no fun then...)

  2. Very, very cool dress, so beautiful! And love it with the mustard scarf- unexpected!


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