Thursday, September 9, 2010

YES, pink and white after Labour Day!

Well, peach :)
Gahh, I'm so tired today! I was up til 2 a.m. last night finishing a response that I waited til too late to start. Ugh. I'm so tired! I don't know how I managed to stay awake in my classes, let alone go to work for five hours! But I did, and I haven't had a nap yet. 

 I decided to challenge myself in today's outfit. The peach polka-dot mesh tank top and white leggings are both items that I haven't worn much, because they're really hard to find things to go with!! This green dress is also a tough one, because it's REALLY low-cut. 
The mesh top under the green dress makes it a bit more PG, while still keeping it a bit spicy :P Because of its length and sleeves, and the cut of the dress, the neckline is the only truly "interesting" part of the dress, so the tank top tones it down while maintaining the flavour ;D haha. 

The tiny polka-dots on the tank top are white, so that's where the leggings came in! When I put the outfit on, something was still missing. Then I saw the skinny brown studded belt laying on my couch-thing! Perfect. The gold studs on it are about the same size as the polka dots on the top! I love when you find the "key" piece in an outfit that brings it together. The boots and purse were a no-brainer, as they are the same colour as the belt! Mmm outfit harmony.
I also wore my heart locket and my gold fancy cross, and a pair of earring that remind me of the middle ages. I don't know why, they have a square of gold with a heart cut out and dangly green glass beads. I wish they were more visible in this picture!
Ahh, you may notice that my hair is back to normal after washing. THANK GOODNESS.

Today was a good one at school, I managed to talk a lot in both my classes. I noticed something strange, though. In my first class, with Dr. Wilson, I was very nervous to speak, even though he is my favourite teacher and I was well-prepared for class, having watched the movie and read the chapter in the text. In my class with Prof. Colette, I had no problem and no racing heart when I spoke up. It may be because there are fifteen people in Dr. Wilson's class and only five in Prof. Colette's? I have no idea. I HATE when I get nervous to speak in class because I end up rushing whatever I have to say and it doesn't come out as eloquently as I planned in my head! Darn. Hopefully I get better at it. At least I can speak in class now, I used to get heart flutters of fear when I even though about taking seminar-style courses! Now I'm in four and it's just fine. I suppose.

 I really love how this outfit turned out! I have a few more "challenges" lined up for myself, which I hope to pull off over the next couple of weeks. There's a new gem in my shop that I might have to buy with my meager tide-over paycheque tomorrow. Heh. Wait 'til you see it, it's AMAZING.

No class tomorrow! My anthro lab is canceled this week. YAY. Just work!

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

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