Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I'm Wearing Purple

As you may know, many people wore purple today, October 20th, to commemorate suicides caused by homophobia.

I was so pleased to see so many people on campus today wearing purple! It was such a nice way to raise awareness and show support for people who may be having a very hard time.

I decided to wear my purple pencil skirt! These pictures don't do its "purpleness" justice. It's wool, and it came with a matching swing coat. I thought about wearing them together, but it was a bit "much."

I wore this fleurs-de-lis printed top because I likes the way the textures of the wool skirt and the waffle top created a softness. And the prints are fun!! The striped cuffs and neckline of the top is what originally attracted me to it :D

I chose to wear my Michael Jackson jacket to add to the fun! And because it matched my lip stain. And because red and purple are awesome together! Very "Sailor Mars," haha ;)

Headache pose!! I'm so glad it's Wednesday because the week is half-over. I HAVE to take this weekend to do schoolwork. Auuugh. I have my last midterm tomorrow, and then a paper due on Friday... which I haven't started. Whatever, it'll get done... right? :P

The socks I'm wearing are actually supposed to be over-the-knee... when I pull them up as high as they'll go, they 3/4 cover my knees. If I'm lucky. They rolled down almost as soon as I put them on, but I was kind of okay with it! They make my little suede Beatles boots look like tall boots!

 I pulled the socks up for the last few pictures that we took. Meh.

 I managed to get my hair into a low ponytail today! Weeeird. To cut it again, or not to...? I think I mentioned my hair in my last post too. Any suggestions? Shorter? Grow it out? Buzz cut? (I will not be getting a buzz cut.)

Yaaaay I love this skirt!! I'm going to wear the coat very soon. Maybe tomorrow. I'm not sure if that would be too soon :P

I wonder why I don't wear red and purple together more often? It's such a great colour combination! Do you have a favourite colour combination to wear?

Sigh. I guess I should get back to reading/ writing/ studying. Hope everyone is having a good Wednesday!

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo


  1. I lov eyour purple skirt. You styled it in such a cute way. Love it!

  2. wow such an amazing skirt! what a colour! and I love the texture of it too, it must be cosy, greta outfit!
    love your blog, I`m your new follower:)
    follow me if you want:)


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