Monday, October 4, 2010

Let's PLay Dress-Up

For the first night of the epic cottage party, everyone decided to dress up in a "dapper" manner!!
 Usually I wouldn't put the accessories-closeup first, but I'm kind of blahh about the pictures of this outfit. We were in a rush to get to class so I took bad pictures! 
 At least I'm smiling in them!
 I recently almost got rid of this long, short sleeved white sweater. But then I thought of pairing it with my little black dress! So perfect together :D
 I belted the sweater over the dress with my black belt, which is very similar in fabric to the dress! I decided to wear this scarf with it too. I almost wore it in the usual wrapped-around-neck way, but then thought to use it as a shawl and tuck it into the belt so it would stay on. Yay!!
 I wore my zebra drop necklace because it corresponds with the silver threads in the scarf, and the black over-the knee boots have little grommet belts on them that are similar to the belt I used to cinch my waist!
 It was really warm at the cottage the first night (and all weekend) despite it being the first week of October. WEIRD. I want cold weather!!!
 I have to read for my next class now, but this picture is a little taste of what's to come in my next post. This is a hilarious picture of me freaking out after brushing a spider web with my hand! I packed unusually light for this trip, so I won't bore you with pictures of this sweater (which is so amazing, you'll see) and the black dress from the rest of this post. Isn't the suspense killing you!?

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

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