Thursday, October 7, 2010

Snow White

I felt like Snow White all day long in this outfit!
 "Skin white as snow, lips red as the rose, and [jacket] as black as ebony:" the timeless description of Snow White! Yaaaay! I had so much fun putting this outfit together.
 I've been trying to think of outfits to wear with both this top and these craaaazy pants. Then it came ot me: I'll wear them together!
 When I saw these pants, I definitely thought "ew" at first. But then I saw American Apparel doing the high-waisted pleated pants thing, so I tried them on... and they actually looked pretty good! They make my waist look tiny, and the crease makes my legs look really long. They're also super-comfortable! I can't stand when low-rise pants show your butt-crack when you bend over.
 My Michael Jackson jacket lent the outfit a space-age Snow White feel, when it was zipped up anyway :P
 I'm so in love with the print on this top! It's such a pretty red floral. I find florals that I actually like to be hard to find. I have several in my wardrobe, but they've been very carefully selected!
 This outfit was also a perfect opportunity to wear a pair of my new Betsey Johnson socks! They have such crazy patterns :D
 Red accessories were a given for this outfit. I wanted to make the red flowers on the top really POP! So that was the reasoning behind the red-lined leather jacket, the red licorice purse, and the red shoes. I couldn't find my red snakesking belt, but it may have been overkill. This turquoise skinny belt added another dimension, and sort of picked up on the jungle-green leaves in the floral pattern!
 It's hard to see in most of these pictures, but I also wore my gold multi-chain necklace with this outfit. It plays up the buckle on the belt :D
 I'm finally over my second cold of the season. I wonder how many are in store? Has anyone ever noticed that they seem to have "sick" years on and off? I was relatively healthy last year, only getting sick once over the fall and winter (sick enough to miss school, anyway). The year before that I had the flu really bad once, but that was it. The year before THAT, I had the flu like three times! Ughh, I could go on and on. I have allergies and stuff too, so my nose is a constant burden. Haha!
 Time to go unwind and watch Food Network with my Billy! ♥

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

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