Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bon Voyage Billy!

This is what I wore to write my LAST EXAM of the semester! Yaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!

See, I wish it wasn't just a fluke that my hair looked like that in this photo!! Ultimate bedhead :D

It actually SNOWED yesterday. And this morning. Gross, right?! It's supposed to be Spring! It's all melted now and the sun is coming out, but it added that little extra bit of crappy to seeing Billy off on his trip to Turkey! He's hanging out with his brother and friends tonight, I hope they have fun together :D 22 days 'til he gets back!

Anyway, due to the weather I decided to take what is hopefully the last opportunity to wear lots of knits. I wore this sheer green striped sweater, by grey knit twirly skirt, and black textured over-the-knee socks! I'm wearing my polka-dotted tights too, but they're hard to see in the photos :D I added my teal vintage belt for a bit of extra colour, and my loooong striped scarf and navy leather jacket to keep warm! I've gotten so used to 10C temperatures, this 0 degrees is cooold!

Since Billy is gone, my little sister was my quest photographer today! She did a great job. We also had to use her camera, because I lent mine to Billy to take to Turkey.

I still have lots of "old" pictures to post, but I figured I'd keep you all up on current events, with current outfits to match every once in a while! Haha ;)

OH YEAH!!! Guess what!!!!!! I'm done my exams. Soooo exciting! Now I have lots of time to do whatever I want ;) This weekend, I'm going to Montreal with one of my best friends, Matty!! We're going to see a Lady Gaga concert and shop 'til we drop. SO EXCITED.

So excited I could.... show you some spinning pictures!


Sweater: hand-me-up fro sister
Skirt: hand-me-up from sister
Belt: thrifted from Frenchy's
Polka-dot tights: Joe Fresh
Over-the-knee socks: Spring
Scarf: Wal-Mart
Faux-leather jacket: le chateau
Booties: vintage, from Hazel's
Happy happy HAPPY dressing!!
Mitzi xo

p.s. it's so funny to realize that the main parts of this outfit came from my sister, and she was the one that took the pictures! Haha :D


  1. I agree that your sister did a great job with the photos...they're very cute! Congratulations on finishing up the semester!

  2. Congrats on finishing your exams :) You're looking lovely!

  3. LOVING the high waist belted skirt!!! I can feel your relief with being done with exams! Enjoy your freedom :)

  4. Hello,
    I loved your blog, it's soooooo sweet!!
    I am already following you!!
    Can you follow me too please?? And if you dont mind could you follow the blog's twitter? @blogspm
    Alice Dias

  5. I adore this skirt! The colour and the fit are just amazing! I love how good green looks on you too lady!

  6. love the photos and your oufit this skirt looks fantastic with socks! Oh I remember that feeling when you`re done with all exams, it`s like FREEDOM!:))

  7. very cute! congrats on being done with exams!

  8. You look positively adorable! Congratulations on finishing school for the year :) must feel awesome. Green is really your color, and the teal belt was the perfect finishing touch.


  9. So cute! I love your skirt!

    ♥ Kisses ♥

  10. Congrats on finishing up all your exams!! :)

    Love your spinning photos.

    The Cat Hag

  11. She did a great job and the outfits are very cool! beijosss
    Happy Easter!

  12. Green suits you so well, and that skirt makes wanders for your silhouette....So cute! love the outfit! kisses;)

  13. This is lovely, i love the skirt! And the green top loosk fab. Congrats on finishing your exams :D xx

  14. Hurray for being done exams! You must be feeling so relieved, and who could blame you :) Time to enjoy your break! I love that you're rocking bedhead in these photos, mainly because you hair still looks amazing. (Hello, jealous!) And that twirly gray skirt is just perfection. As much as the idea of snow in April is awful, I am going to miss my winter clothes when I have to put them away.


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