Sunday, April 17, 2011


Wearing this outfit made me feel like I was in The Sound of Music!

This skirt is one of those pieces that make you gasp when you first meet. It has a gorgeous weight, and it's vintage, and it's... fantastic! I couldn't wait to get into the back room of the shop I manage to try it on! I was able to think of so many different possibilities for it too -- a new criteria for clothing purchases for me. Unfortunately (not really), I'm really good at thinking of possibilities! Haha!

I wore my army green military-style wool jacket with it. Seeing the Sound of Music  yet? Haha! I had to wear my black patent cross-strap heels! And I wore my black patent skinny belt in the tiny little belt loops :D

Aren't you in love with the pintucking and perfection of the print on this fabric? I sure am. My sewing teacher was very impressed with it too! Maybe I'll try something similar in a future project :D

I also wore my striped boat-neck tee, which I have to restrain myself from wearing every single day :P I liked the horizontal/vertical stripe effect!

Speaking of my sewing lessons, my skirt is coming along very nicely! I can't wait to finish it (in 2-3 lessons!!) and show it to you! It's a denim prairie skirt, and it's so twirly and amazing. We're also altering it so that it sits higher on my waist! Eeeek. Thrilled. I can think of tons of outfit combinations for it too!

In other rather exciting news, I've been playing with the idea of starting an Etsy shop for a while, but I didn't know what my angle would be. Then, last night as I was searching eBay for vintage patterns, I came across several ADORABLE patterns for aprons! Aprons!!!!! Perfect. So much room for fun pattern-mixing and embellishment, and they'll give me the kind of practice I need to become the speediest sewer that ever sewed! Well, that's probably an overstatement, but I digress. Once I get it all up and running, you can be sure that my followers will get a discount! :D 

Now I suppose I should go sort some laundry or something. To the advantage of studying for my exams this week, my laundry pile is directly on top of where most of my class notes are buried! So bringing it all down to the laundry machine will result in clean laundry AND the potential for thorough studying. Excellent.

Jacket: Ricki's, thrifted from Value Village
Striped tee: Joe Fresh, thrifted from Value Village
Belt: Joe Fresh, thrifted from Salvation Army
Skirt: vintage, thrifted from Hazel's
Shoes: Spring

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo


  1. So chic and vintage. Love the print of your skirt and the buttons on your military jacket.

  2. soo cute i love it!!
    xoxo asiahlynn

  3. Wow there's still snow on the ground?? SO crazy...I love this jacket. The color is perfect for mixing with many many other outfits!

  4. OK, maybe a little but it's still really awesome and cute! Great skirt :)

  5. the print on that skirt is amazing...what a find!!!

  6. The hills are alive with the swish of gorgeous skirts! ;) Looking lovely ♥
    Exciting stuff about your shop to be :)

  7. This outfit is soo pretty, that top looks gorgeous with the skirt. I really love the skirt, the colours are so gorgeous in it
    I'm glad my posts make you smile, that makes me smile :D

  8. yup...i'm seeing sound of music! what a great skirt...i like the print. both the skirt and jacket were great finds!!


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