Saturday, November 20, 2010

Feline Androgyny

I haven't done an "androgynous" look in a while! This is what I wore to work last Saturday :)

 The outfit wasactually created around my new leopard hooded coat!!

IIII know! Haha, I'm in love with it. It's so soft!! And leopard-y :D

Since the jacket is so large and bulky, I needed to keep the bottom half of the silhouette slim and streamlined. Black skinny trousers!

To create an androgynous look, I chose a maroon men's v-neck sweater and pale blue/grey pearl snap button-down, both from Hazel's, the shop I manage :)

I wore my black quilted ballet flats and socks that match the sweater :D:D I find that they key to dressing ambiguously is adding feminine touches, like the ballet flats.

A floaty checkered neck-scarf and red lips added some more femininity!

I felt like a movie star in this outfit! Which is appropriate, because later that evening Billy and I went to our friend Hilary's, where they were dressing up as movie stars :D 

I used to think I couldn't pull off androgyny because I'm quite curvy. Now I realize it's all about balancing shapes! Since guys tend to have broad shoulders and narrow waists, volume on the top (loose sweater or button-down shirt) and narrow bottoms (skinny jeans or shorts with opaque tights) create the right effect!

I am soooo tired! Last night was "Midnight Madness" in my town, where stores stay open 'til midnight and offer good deals. The main street is lined with vendors and there are horse-cart rides! I worked at Hazel's until 12, and then I had to work at my other job at 9 a.m. this morning! Oh well, it all helps to pay for Christmas. Heh. I'm almost done my shopping though! Only two or three more presents to sort out. And then I'll start on the paintings after classes are done! I like making paintings for people a Christmas because it feels nice and personal, and I really like doing them :D

In other news, today was the first snowfall!! And it stuck! Yaaaaay!!!!

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

p.s. Funny story! My boss gave me a Santa hat to wear at work today, and a small girl came in with her new stuffed dog, which my coworker Cassina helped her name "Maya." When it was time to leave, the girl told her toy, "Maya, say goodbye to Cassina and the little elf!" We burst out laughing, as did the girls grandmother. I was wearing a green sweater and a red Santa hat, after all! The girl smiled, but she couldn't quite figure out what was funny... clearly I was an elf :P The whole situation kind of made my day!

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