Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Blustery Grey

Nasty nasty nasty, we're back to rain here in New Brunswick. Ugh. So it's appropriate that I'm doing a post with yellow in it, I find wearing colours (especially yellow) on grey days makes them easier!

This is one of my newest favourites -- tweed maxi skirt!! I looove maxi skirts. I have two now. I hope I don't find any more that I like, because I have GROUNDED MYSELF from buying more clothes. For a long and indefinite amount of time. It's going to be very difficult!! Haha.

I was drawn to this particular skirt because of the button-down front! In early October I "met" one of those items of clothing that you are not meant to "be with"... an eggplant corduroy high-waisted miniskirt with the same kind of buttons as this skirt has! Waaah I still miss it. It was too small. 

But now I have this skirt! Hooray. I love how the flecks of colour in the tweed include the same mustard-y yellow of the shirt!

The day I wore this outfit was quite chilly, so I added this purple cardigan! I'm in love with the colour combination in this outfit :D 

Purple, yellow, khaki green... and burgundy socks! SURPRISE!

The yarn my sister used to make this scarf for me has flecks of grey and brown in it, making this an extremely versatile scarf! The brown goes with the gold cross, as well as the skinny studded belt :D

My silver jacket was the perfect choice for this outfit, I think. I love the way it flares out from the waistline of the skirt in the above picture!

I really love the textures in this outfit as well -- they make it seem very cozy and autumnal! The chunky scarf, the smooth jacket, the tweed skirt, the cable-knit socks and the suede boots... mmm. Fall is my favourite!

Booo, these pictures remind me of the fact that my favourite red lipstain (CoverGirl marker thingy in... wildberry wink? or something) has run out! I NEED to get another one. I recently bought a new lipstick, Maybelline something in "Are you Red-dy," and it's not good. The colour is, but it stays slimy-feeling and comes off in like two seconds. BAH. A good lipstick (my other colour, a candy-apple red) is L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche in "British Red." I bought it for the title. Haha! That should have been my first clue for the "Red-dy" one, what a terrible name... anyway! Moving on :P

My hair is so BIG in these pictures! I guess that's the good thing about windy days, they do your hair really well for free!

Goodness me, do I ever have a lot of other things to do! Readings mostly, and proposals and presentations. I bet you were wondering why I was so wordy in this post! PROCRASTINATION. I am a pro. But I have to go now... I'll leave you with an awesome blooper, it's actually one of my favourites from this shoot!

Hahahahappy dressing!
Mitzi xo

p.s. see what I did just there? Hahaha-happy...  funny picture... yeah. Byebye! ;D

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