Thursday, November 11, 2010

♪I Believe in aThing Called Love ♪

Remember that song? Haha this is a funny stream-of-consciousness title. I took these pictures indoors because, even at the "brightest" time of day, it was dark out from the heavy rain clouds. Get it? The Darkness? Hahaha I amuse myself.

Eugh, I hate indoor pictures. But I like this outfit! It was based around the black swiss-dot dress :)

To add depth to "the darkness" (hahahaha) of the dress, I decided to wear my cream/navy/pink/yellow plaid top!

To make the navy in the plaid stand out more, I wore navy herringbone stockings and a navy belt!

You can really see the "dots" on the dress in this picture. I love it so much!! 

I chose to wear gold necklaces to bring out the yellow in the plaid. My ankh is such a lovely yellow-gold, and the little gold cross-thing with green stone is a similar shape! 

To accent the green stone, I wore my kelly green pashmina!

I wore my black leather hoodie jacket and black riding boots. More DARKNESS! Hahaha, ahhh. I'm almost done, I won't use that one again :P

Now I'm off for a walk in the sun! I need to recharge my Vitamin D batteries. I slept in til noon today (no school or work!) so I definitely need to get some sunshine. The year before last I had a pretty bad case of seasonal affective disorder, as I worked from 3p.m.-12a.m. at a call centre. I would get up at 1 p.m., and the only sunlight I would get was on the 30-minute bus ride! *shudder* it was awful. So! I need lots of sunshine in the dark months. Heh. Dark!! I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself :P

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

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